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William Daley warns move to left will drive Democrats from party

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WASHINGTON--Former Commerce Secretary William Daley penned an op ed in the Thursday Washington Post imploring Democrats to not drive moderates from the party. His peg is the defection of Alabama Republican Parker Griffith.

Now the Midwest chairman for JPMorgan Chase, the brother of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley was the chairman of Vice President Gore's 2000 presidential campaign.

Daley excerpts...

"The announcement by Alabama Rep. Parker Griffith that he is switching to the Republican Party is just the latest warning sign that the Democratic Party -- my lifelong political home -- has a critical decision to make: Either we plot a more moderate, centrist course or risk electoral disaster not just in the upcoming midterms but in many elections to come."

"...All that is required for the Democratic Party to recover its political footing is to acknowledge that the agenda of the party's most liberal supporters has not won the support of a majority of Americans -- and, based on that recognition, to steer a more moderate course on the key issues of the day, from health care to the economy to the environment to Afghanistan."

1 Comment

The dirty deed is done. There is no reversing course for the Democratic party and you are wrong, conservatism will win the day when the Republicans campaign on it. You just don't want to see the Republicans campaign on conservatism because they will win and you know it. Do you have a short memory or are you trying to con the GOP into going moderate. The GOP ran a moderate for president against the unAmerican Obama and lost miserably. CONSERVATISM WILL WIN THE DAY! I bet Bill Daley tried to get Obama to not jam through the health bill, but Obama sees it as a history medal for himself. There is no reversing course here. The Republicans can swear at the voters, use racial slurs at the voters, steal them blind and call them all idiots to their faces, and still THE VOTERS WILL NOW SUPPORT the GOP because Obama put the nail in the coffin of the Democratic party for a long time to come. IT is over!!!!!! I am an Independent and this is not the Obama I voted for. I own my own small business with 15 employees and I pay them $13 an hour. I already told them that by March, 4 employees will be terminated and I told the guys who I am letting go the reason and I promised them 90 days severance pay after they leave and the other employees are becoming sub-contractors to me so I am exempt from this silly health care crap. Business men will adjust and the money will not come into the federal treasury the way the Democrats think it will. People are not stupid you know.

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