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White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer blogs on Republicans and the health bill


New White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, over at his White House blog says the lack of a bi-partisan roll call for the health care bill passed in the Senate on Thursday morning says a lot about the state of the GOP.

Below, from Pfeiffer.....

Reality Check: For Opponents, It Was Never About the Bill
Dan Pfeiffer on December 24, 2009 at 12:50 PM EST

Today's Republican talking point of the day is that the historic health reform bill passed today represents the first major piece of social legislation to be passed without a single vote from across the aisle.

Well that may be true. But it's not a commentary on this bill. It's a commentary on the Republican Party, whose leaders made a determination that they were going to put party over progress. That's never happened before when the nation took on big challenges.

President Obama made it clear from the very beginning of this process that he wanted to work with members of both parties to craft the best bill possible. He even kicked off his efforts by inviting stakeholders from across the political spectrum to the White House to share ideas.

Contrary to what one Republican Senator said today, Democrats did not "do the HELP Committee bill completely Democrat" without "even ask[ing] one Republican opinion." In fact, they accepted more than 150 Republican amendments.

In putting together the Finance Committee bill, Senator Baucus held months of bipartisan discussions. The Committee held a day-long bipartisan health care summit, convened three bipartisan roundtables, and even issued three bipartisan policy papers laying out the options from which the Committee chose to craft its bill.

Once the bill hit the Senate floor, Republicans passed up the chance to offer constructive amendments. Instead they chose to obstruct votes and offer six separate motions to essentially start from scratch.

The sad truth is that Congressional Republican leaders decided early on that their best move was to "delay, define, and derail" reform - not to find common ground on a bill both parties could support. They made clear their hopes that health insurance reform would be President Obama's "Waterloo" and that it would "break him" politically.

In the process, they lost sight of the fact that this was never about President Obama - it was about the families struggling to keep up with skyrocketing premiums; the small businesses forced to choose covering employees and staying afloat; the 15,000 Americans who lost insurance every day this year. Today's vote was a victory for them.

Dan Pfeiffer is White House Communications Director


It speaks volumes about the GOP that they could care less about the average American's basic right to health care. For the Republicans who rant on this list, it shows that your party could care less about you and only cares about the millionaires and billionaires. Health care is a basic individual right in every industrialized country except in the U.S. That people should get sick and die because they can't afford health care is a national shame and a disgrace.

This is just the beginning to enslaving the entire nation. This is not about health care it is about control of every ones rights to free choice, a giant intrusion into our lives by the nanny state.

What ever happened to President Obama's pledge not to raise taxes on anyone making under $250,000? What happened to Barry's pledge to an open debate? This behind the door deal making has given Big Pharma and the evil insurance industry billions of our hard earned dollars.
This is another unfunded mandate from the federal government requiring my home state to raise my taxes to fund the federal death panels and ration care.

If I don't like it, tough, they will confiscate my money straight out of my bank account. History will tell the true story of how this administration and the Democrats have destroyed the finest health care system in the world. They may save enough to service the elitist that are will become our masters.

Wake up America, this ship is sinking. We now have 48 states bailing water while the Cornhuskers and the people of Louisiana sail in their state rooms.

What a crock.

The depth of Obama's hatred for America is measured by his manipulation of this bill so it would be passed on Christmas Eve.

A giant lump of coal for America's Christmas stocking, the first of many from this madman.

I wish the politicians who voted for this bill would put their health care where their mouths are and agree to submit to a public option. That may be too much to expect from this group of hypocrites.

To J A Reyes and all who think like him including I assume Dan Pfeiffer.
I just re-read the Constitution of the United States to make sure that I hadn't missed something. I did not find one place that said "...the average American's basic right to health care..."
I am one who does WISH every American who wanted healthcare could get it. I am also one who thinks that certain aspects of the new healthcare bill are good for all. HOWEVER, to:
1. Force people who don't want healthcare to buy it is absurd and I assert unconstitutional.
2. Have the Congressmen pass a healthcare bill for us that they themselves will not be subject too is ridiculous and shows the growing arrogance of the political and governmental elite.
3. To claim this bill is cost neutral is preposterous. I will bet my net worth against that of Obama's and Pelosi's (including her millionaire husband) that the costs of this bill out pace its income by billions of dollars. Incidentally, theirs far exceeds mine.
I have a wild suggestion. Let's have everyone who is willing to pay a portion of someone else's healthcare teamed up with those who want someone else to pay their healthcare at least so that each person knows from whom and to whom the money is going. Wouldn't that be novel.
I could go on and on...thanks for the opportunity

I agree with Hananova... WHAT A CROCk! How did Dan get this job. He's terrible at it! The BS meter starts emitting smoke when Dan gets started. For example, Dan says "But it's not a commentary on this bill." - BS. How could it be anything else. It is the various versions of the bill that has made the majority of Americans wake up nauseated every day for the past six months. Dan says "In fact, they accepted more than 150 Republican amendments." - BS The only amendments not rejected were the ones required to buy Democratic votes AND, by the way, the alternative Republican house bill was never even debated.

Dan said - "Once the bill hit the Senate floor, Republicans passed up the chance to offer constructive amendments. Instead they chose to obstruct votes and offer six separate motions to essentially start from scratch." - BS, Dan. By the time the bill hit the Senate floor, it was a full speed unstoppable crap loaded freight train with the worlds foremost political weasel at the controls. (my apologies to Nancy, The Wicked Witch of the West for putting her #2) The only amendments that Dirty Harry was going to entertain were those required to buy off Democrats Nelson, Landrieu, etc. This bull, uh, I mean bill needed to be scraped and re-done. Let's face it, this piece of ca-ca is a disaster that is unconstitutional on multiple fronts. (Is Harry really arrogant enough to think the HE can write into a bill that it "CANNOT BE REPEALED-Good Grief!!!) The Republicans tried to stop it on behalf of the vast majority of the American people but corrupt power politics won the day.

Dan said, "this was never about President Obama - it was about the families struggling to keep up with skyrocketing premiums; Today's vote was a victory for them." BS, Dan. I'm one of those families and this was without a doubt the biggest defeat of my "civic" life. It's a defeat for American Freedom!

Dan, help me keep my dinner down - shut up!


If your opinion is representative of what LIBTARDs really think..then I am appalled at the lack of reason and absolute arrogance you bring to this discussion.

As usual, the Democratic Party provides political rhetoric, and tries to hide the truth about a horrible bills and Reid and Pelosi know this. Why the lack of transparency??? Promised by the Obambi himself??? You do not want the American people to see the vile nature lack of concern, and total disregard for health care reform. Bribing Senators for votes??? You think this is okay?

This is not about reform Dan. It's about total control. Your so-called administration has missed the point..but for you it's about power.

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