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Secret Service agents who allowed Obama party crashers placed on leave


WASHINGTON--Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan told a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Thursday that the agents who let Tareq and Michaele Salahi crash the Nov. 24 Obama state dinner have been placed on leave.

Sullivan told the committee procedures "were not followed at the initial our line of work, we cannot afford even one mistake."

The agents knew that the Salahis were not on the guest list but let them proceed anyway. The committee is probing the incident; the Secret Service last week took the blame and yesterday, the White House, in an attempt to get ahead of critics, announced new guidelines at the entrance which call for a representative of the White House staff to be with a Secret Service agent to check off names.


It would appear that the Salahi's knew they did not have a formal written invitation. The plan was to break the law, gain access to a high security party, take lots of pictures, and then use that information to sell and make a profit.
What they did was a premeditated crime. They embarrised our Country, the Secret Service, and our President. They should be charged for the crime and prevented from making any profit from the incident. Case Closed.

I wonder how many times the Secret Service has allowed this to happen... So much for Obama's safety.

I know how they did it.

smitty, you do know they did nothing that you could go to prison for right? if they were charged with anything more than trespassing then that in itself is a crime.
that would be like being stabbed and hitting your attacker with a lamp and being charged for attempted murder

Sorry, it doesn't fit. What crime did they break? Trespassing? Maybe. So what if they didn't have an invitation if they are US citizen's they should have the right to visit the White House - during hours when there are others visiting? Is the White House the "palace" of the president? What crime did these two commit other than embarrassing his royal highness the prince of Kenya?

Well, when you let in the trash how do tel good trash from bad trash ??

I do not believe for one minute the Secret service let those people in. I believe they are taking the fall for the WH staff. There are a lot of questions and still not enough answers.

...and he expects them to take abullet for him? ? ?

Ask the Salahi's if they were invited and on the guest list, please produce you invitation, then this case will be close.

This was a scarry situation now a days you cannot trust people. Be careful of person who want to make the news or be seen

Rick sweetie. You have it wrong baby boy. He is the PRESIDENT OF THESES UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. If you don't like the President of these United States of America......GET OUT!!! I think Iran or Iraq will take you.

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