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Sarah Palin, Barney Frank at Gridiron Winter dinner


WASHINGTON--Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) are keynoting the Gridiron Club Winter dinner tonight. Palin is here with husband Todd. Palin and Frank will be speaking later at this dinner sponsored by the journalists group.

At the reception before the dinner, Palin told me she will be Tweeting later on tonight. She is carrying a purse made out of otter. (How do I know one fur from another. I don't. I asked her.)

It's snowing here--unusually early. Todd Palin told me they brought the weather with them. The event is black tie; Todd Palin's blue cummberbund is based on the Alaska state flag, with the Big Dipper and the North Star--for the most north state in the nation.

Earlier Saturday, Palin, who is on a book tour for her "Going Rogue," did a book signing at a suburban Virgina store.


I would like to have a walet made from her fur!!

Deeply, deeply fascinating.

Has his kite lost it's tail???
Will someone please tell Barney that he will be known by the company he keeps...

Actually, it's a brilliant line-up. Palin can be counted upon to say at least one bigoted thing about gays among the many stupid things she will say when she gets to the microphone...and then Frank can be counted upon to compare Palin's intelligence to that of a dining room table.

Did Lynn Vincent write Mrs. Palin's jokes as well as her book?

But seriously, folks, Sarah Palin's bus tour is really taking off.


The Villagers really are bending over backwards to give this Alaskan ignoramus credibility, aren't they? Revolting.

Gosh, will Palin allow the press to be present during her speech? [sarcasm]

"I would like to have a walet made from her fur!!"

Disgusting, and what makes it so is that I'm sure this commenter really means it.

barney didn't know one boy-friend was running a male prostitution thing out of his he don't know the current one had pot when busted. hey, i'd rather laugh with sarah baracuda. congressman frank is not funny.

Barney Frank - the godfather of the mortgage meltdown

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