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Record snow in Washington; the view from Lynn Sweet's yard; Obama comments on Chicago weather in D.C.


WASHINGTON--"You know that I am from Chicago,'' President Barack Obama said Sunday at the White House, "so let me first say that with the place where I live covered with snow I'm finally starting to feel like home.''

Washington had a historic snowfall over the weekend. I measured 18.5 inches in my yard in northwest Washington; other areas had even more accumulation. Unlike Chicago, almost everything closes down with the snow.

IMG_1001.JPGThat's 18.5 inches of snow on the table in my yard. (photo by Lynn Sweet)


Chicago is hoping that Obama will return to HAWAII when he finishes with Washington.

Global Warming, Anyone?

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Lynn Sweet

Lynn Sweet is a columnist and the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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