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On a word about terror attack on Northwest flight 253


WASHINGTON--The Obama team has been loading with lots of information touting administration goals and accomplishments and great pictures charting the Obama presidency. But as the nation faced another terror attack on Christmas--Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab--tried to destroy
Northwest Flight 253-- not a word on from any official about the U.S. response or, just at the consumer level, what travellers should prepare for in the days ahead in terms of ramped up security at airports and in aircraft.


What do we expect from a Marxist Admin?
Obama is on their side and wants muslim values in the US. Any US Citizen that can't see that is really a dumbed down person and deserves what they get.But we out number the libs and are going to win this war. We Have lost some battles, but the war is not over. 2010 will tell the tale.

Video and Poll:Dear Congress, How About A Presidential Medal Of Freedom For Jasper Schuringa Who Heroically Stopped An Attack On Americans?
Posted By Centrist on December 27, 2009

Reading where ‘Schuringa, of Amsterdam, told CNN that he didn’t think about his own safety when he jumped Abdulmutallab. He and other passengers said that several people on board, including members of the flight crew, then joined him in taking the man to first class to strip off his clothes and search for any more explosives"

Read full post with poll and video:

That's because, as Janet said, "the system worked". Nothing to report, but it would have been Bush's fault if anything had happened. This administration is a dangerous bad joke.

And... that means what, exactly?

Well, Bush will be rightfully blamed for the next decade because he dug such a huge political, security, and economic hole with his misguided policies. As an example, where in the world IS Osama Bin Ladin?. Having observed that, anyone that thinks that government can 'protect' them 100% is fooling themselves. Our true defense will also rely on the vigilance of our citizens and the public at large (as it has before and has in this case). Meanwhile, all our government can seem to do is start wars and bailout bankers and insurance companies. I almost wish Obama was the socialist-communist you right wingers want to paint him as, perhaps I might get one or two of my own tax dollars back in some way that would benefit the economic or political security of my family.

To TPGow

You've got it right the word terrorism is now being deleted from Poli Speak into a sort of homeland domestic violence which of course doesn't contain quite the sinister tone of terrorism, nor does it identify the beliefs or aims of the enemy. Nothing new here just like Chamberlain in England 1939 Hitler was not intending war just a realignment of germany's alleged old borders. How peaceful and phragmatic that sounded until he started to overun his neighbours and kill off all his opposition.
Obama and his cohorts also seem to have certain ulterior motives and sympathies that they appear to want to keep hidden but time will tell and clearly show us what they are. Let us hope we're not all lulled to far by the illusions.
Hopefully the narcistic need for adulation will show itself, for anonimity is their greatest fear


Thomasjohn, Bush did dig a larger economic hole. He tried to fight two wars and never vetoed one spending bill. (who does that remind you of , so far?) As for political, the Europeans that you libs swear by, are deserting Obama one at a time. As to security; explain incidents or give examples of how Bush failed to protect the country. Initially, with 9/11, it can be argued that the Bush administration failed to heed the warning signs. But, that argument can be used to describe the Clinton administration, as well. Democrats and Republicans: ineffective, dishonest, and corrupt. You want change! Term limit the snakes, and lose your partisan programmed thinking.

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