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Obama White House Social Office will step up vigilance at upcoming holiday parties.


WASHINGTON--As Congress and the Secret Service probe how Tareq and Michaele Salahi gained entrance to President Obama's state dinner last week without being on the guest list, I've learned that the Obama White House has 28 holiday parties planned over the few weeks with more than 50,000 people expected. And social office staffers--who were not posted near the entrance to check off guests coming into the state dinner--now will be more visible at the upcoming events.

In the wake of the party crashing incident, I asked Camille Y. Johnston, the communications chief for First Lady Michelle Obama about the heavy upcoming party season, kicking off this week.

"This holiday season more than 50,000 people will visit the White
House's 17 holiday parties and 11 open houses. Social Office staff will
be present to continue to assist guests and the United States Secret
Service should any confusion arise. As always, the United States Secret
Service will provide security and will control who has access to the
White House grounds."

The state dinner involved just 320 guests--plus the Salahis.


As many Americans face a bleak holiday season, the Obamas continue their excess.

More change you can believe in.

Sounds like barry and me-me-me-mechelle are working hard to wring every last dime out of the federal entertainment budget before the people (who are finally waking up to this fraud) throw their sorry behinds out of the White House.

They're not hosting them - WE ARE! (on OUR dime!)

This is a way to pay back his liberal money bags and to keep their donations ,of course with tax payers money. Also ccalled quid pro quo.

Just another example of the low class, uncouth amateurs who "just wanna have fun" on our dime - fits right in with his round the world apology trips - no jobs, economy in the tank, country going down in flames - reminds me of Nero who fiddled while Rome burned - guess what goes around comes around - can we impeach this arrogant, narcissistic, unqualified empty suit and boot the whole bunch out of 'our' White House?????

My family is cutting back on Christmas this year because of the precarious economy, am relieved to hear the President's family can party harty on our dimes we are trying to save......Ridiculous and ostentatious as usual for this administration.

My goodness. I wonder how many parties past presidents held in December. It would be nice to know because my initial reaction to this, and to all the other Wednesday night parties, Halloween Parties and Date nights, is that all this man does is party on the taxpayers' dime in the middle of a recession. After he's run up the deficit to the trillions. And after it took him so long to come up with his thread-the-needle, politically motivated joke of "strategy" for Afghanistan that he "announced" last night - we're going, but we're coming back. Come on. That's the brilliant strategy it took him so long and so many meetings to come up with? Can't commit to any principles either way? What a joke. Maybe he should have partied less. But, man, let's party, OK? I'm the President and "I Won."

This is scary!! I am not confidant the White House can handle this challenge.

These people have no shame. We are in a deep recession, our national debt is out of control, unemployment is at a lifetime high and under-employment is also out of control. Our economy is in shambles and these people throw parties left and right. If they aren't partying, they are traveling as if they won the lottery when they got into office. It is disgusting. Democrats always try to make it look like the GOP are the money-grubbers when they are much worse (and hypocritical about it too)!

Fiddle away, Nero...Rome is buring to the ground.

First freeloaders continue to live large on the taxpayers dime. They spend money just like some peons that won the lottery because that's exactly what they are. Fashonista Desriee the dope lays off the only competant person in her office because they're cutting on back entertainment due to the economy, Bozo cuts Hannakuh party way back to save money, dissing our Jews, and now this. Lying bums. Of course I'll admit they will get a good deal on KFC buckets when they order enough fried chicken to feed 50,000. The obamas make the Beverly Hillbillies look sophistacted. Look for a nice selection of bondage belts from desiree and michelle during these endless parties. Classy.


I find this to be absolutely obscene. Is there no shame at "living large" while millions of actual Americans are unemployed, bankrupt, or almost worse, still watching CNN and totally unaware that the entire nation is being punked.

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