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Obama wants to get out of Washington more


from the White House....

On Friday, the President will visit Allentown, Pennsylvania to kick off a White House to Main Street Tour that will take him to cities and towns across the country over the course of the next few months. In an effort to spend some time out of Washington, the White House to Main Street Tour will serve as an opportunity for the President to visit communities across the country over the next several months where he will speak with workers and share ideas for continued economic recovery.


Get out of Washington more? I think he should stick around the office a little more and try and do something useful like, oh, I don't know, maybe READ THE STUPID LEGISLATION his party is trying to inflict on us! Just one of them should keep him at home for a a week or two.

lol...his permanent campaign. boooring.

The obama "wants to get out of Washington more"? Hell if someone does not take the initiative and chain the permanent campaigner (tax payer funded no less) to his desk. I am considering moving in the White House, the "Won" does not seem to have any use for it.

Why are there so many stupid Americans in this country?

Legislation comes from the House, Senate, and agencies. Obama reads, but the majority of America does not.

Read you DSOBs, stoke your representatives who you pay taxes to support...they are the ones holding up legislation, not reading legislation.

For goodness sakes, the next time you hear some elected official speak about the health care reform package is too much to read, un-elect their dumb a--, ask them why they cannot read and comprehend this legislation and ask them to resign when they cannot or complain about having to read.

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