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Obama plans Illinois military trials for Guantanamo detainees


WASHINGTON-- The Obama White House--announcing officially Tuesday it will seek to purchase an Illinois prison to house Guantanamo detainees--revealed for the first time the administration wants to hold military trials at the northwestern Illinois facility.

At a briefing, a White House official--the Obama administration forbid use of his name--said there was a "Yes, I think the plan would be to hold military commission trials at the Thomson facility."


Why was President Obama not at the recent Second City reunion? The results may not be all that funny, but his style of governance is pure improvisation.

what is president obama thinking? this is the stupidest idea i ever heard. bringing these terrorists to illinois. first of all this shouldn't be about job creation.all this does is make illinois a bullseye for terrorists.don't sound to bright to me!i'm retired military.closing gitmo is a mistake! keep these animal terrorist on that island in's nice and sunny there. they are well fed. they got there koran! have a nice day! if they really wanna close gitmo what they should do is.put all these terrorists in alcatraz and let nancy pelosi watch them! also when they bring these animals to our country. nancy pelosi should be on that plane watching them!these terrorists do not deserve u.s. constitutional rights or a right to a civilian trial!it belongs in a military tribunal!all this does by bringing these terrorists to our country is make our country a bullseye and a more dangerous country to live in! there is nothing wrong with gitmo!it's a very secure place! that's it bottom line!

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