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Obama, First Lady Michelle, invite Edith Childs--she coined "fired up, ready to go"--to White House


WASHINGTON--"Fired, up, ready to go!" If you followed the Obama presidential campaign at all, you heard it, right? Of the thousands of holiday photos that President Obama and First Lady Michelle took with guests at various White House holiday parties--the First Couple posed for hours--most--make that almost all are not released. One that the White House did post has particular significance to Obama presidential history. The Obamas invited Edith Childs to a Dec. 4 holiday party. She's the Greenwood, S.C.

edith childs.jpg

(White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)


Oh, sure. Obama celebrates while Santa is unemployed.


People can be so cold.

sigh. if you don't like something, it doesn't mean you have to be blind to everything else good with what you don't like. it is so heartening to see that obama remembers edith childs. i am sure she had the time of her life at the white house. a lto of common people are appreciated by the obama campaign. this is so nice to see. for a change.

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