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Michelle Obama tells Oprah family will celebrate Christmas in Hawaii


WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama told Oprah Winfrey the Obama family will celebrate Christmas and New Years this year--as they do every year--in President Obama's native Hawaii. Obama returned to Hawaii last year as president-elect.

Mrs. Obama told Winfrey on her Christmas special, broadcast Sunday, "You know, we're going to spend the holidays in Hawaii as we always do and with probably the same friends and family that we always see and the girls look forward to that."


I guess that producing less of a carbon footprint is clearly for the "other guy." Saving taxpayer dollars as well? HOPE/HYPE/HYPOCRITE

Michelle Obama rocks as First Lady! Mahalo for your example as a wife, mother, sister & friend!

I say ENJOY your Christmas in Hawaii, Mr President and family. Funny how DLR seems to want to deny you that.

Gee, I'd like to go to Hawaii but no job....DOH!

Well, with rank comes its priviledges and so the presidential family will go to Hawaii and have a well deserved break as long as the media leaves them alone. All presidents go somewhere other than the White House and Camp David. I believe the Obamas pay for the rental of the place in which they stay and as Commander-in-Chief the president does have a plane as that is one of the perks of the office. The president is very aware that many people do not have jobs in America right now and I bet while he is in Hawaii, he will still work to figure out a resolution to all the challenges. Enjoy yourself Mr. President and First lady!

merry christmas obama and family love DNA

Mr. President and First Lady Obama,

I commend you for keeping family traditions. Even more that you are enjoying the same friends. That is so wonderful. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year.

Happy Holidays Mr. President,

I want you and your family to go to Hawaii and have a ball. You deserve it. You got a lot done in Washington in one years time.The Republicans left the middle class in a mess and you are trying to straightened it out. I respect you for that.

So nice that the Obama's are spending the holidays in a multi-million dollar mansion - again. The rest of the country, according to AAA, is curbing their travel - even for the holidays seeing as a big chunk of them are currently unemployed or making so much less than they were in years past. Wonder if Michelle's going to get another $28,000 set of earings?? Wow - sounds almost like the average household income for "average Americans". Or maybe Malia and Sasha will get $500 matching "sneaks" like Mommy has so they, too, can walk into a homeless shelter, hold onto a kitchen utensil long enough for a photo to be taken, then whisk away in their limousine.

I voted for President Obama, and I am a bit disappointed in him right now.

I heard that the President's Hawaiian rental home costs $4000 per night for just his home. He is also renting two other residences for "family and friends", and he going to be there for two weeks. $56,000 just for his home.. That is more than I make in a year..

My husband is unemployed and we are struggling to make sure our bills are paid and that our kids have a nice Christmas. It's not that he does not deserve a vacation but by renting a $9 million dollar home seems to be a slap in the face of the hard working Americans..

It's a shame..

President Obama's pool in Hawaii lacks simple child safety requirements that have been standardized for 30 years or more--Why are the children placed at risk by the lack of fencing around the pool?

i am a reagan republican. i am a senior citizen retired army.
the more i see of this administration and the public national debt that is being created. i often think of the latin phrase "quo vadis"
where are you going ?
i have lived in the best of times.

You folks are amazing. Believing that you can tell the President how to spend his own money, where he should go and when. Ludicrous.

Why deny the Royal Family the right to vacations, on the public's credit card? Heaven forbid we deny Michele and kids yet another trip. with friends and close family ties. The rest of us can bite the bullet with multiple Air Force One bills, multi million dollar stays at top resorts and private estates. How about tucking in the Camelot Attitude and set an example for those who are out of jobs! RUN THE COUNTRY FOR A CHANGE, Christmas 2010

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