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Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize next week; to Oslo Wednesday


Schedule for Week of December 7 2009

On Monday, the President will welcome Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey to the White House. In the afternoon, the President will meet with United States Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry and General McChrystal at the White House. In the evening, the President will host a holiday reception for members of Congress.

On Tuesday, the President will deliver a speech on the economy at the Brookings Institution.

On Wednesday, the President will attend meetings at the White House. In the evening, he will travel to Oslo, Norway. He will return to Washington, DC on Friday, December 11th.


President Barack Obama been many different things to many different people since he started his run for the Presidency. To some he was hope for change, he has brought change to them. For others he was the symbol of ethnic representation where before they had been excluded, he has brought representation to them. Then there were those to them it was based on gender and age, this I will not address for it contain neither merit nor reason.

Society focus currently is more focused on pointing out what he has not done yet and discussing what he may not be able to do, rather on the accomplishments and the dirction in which he is moving not only our Nation, but the Unity of Nations that is forming from this example. We as Americans are neglecting our Global Manners, the world is watching and as we critize our Commander in Chief about uninvited guests dominating News and Media, furthermore being addressed by Congress. Is this the example we set for them? To wrap it up we then turn around and crtize fellow Nations when they follow the example we ourself has set by our actions. If I am not confused, does this not make us hypocrites by our means?

I have and will until there is a true reason not to support President Barack Obama 100% in all that he knows and believes to be the best interests of our great Nation.

Sincerely and Respectfully,
Chad Dennis Forsgren

Dear Chad,

I read your comment and it perfectly represents my sentiment too.

I believe that President Barack Obama has done nothing but good so far and that the 'half-empty' critics' philosophy has done nothing but subotage the President at every step and from every corner.

Time will tell...I strongly believe that things will greatly improve in America and the cup of success will be so full to overflow, hopefully wash away his mean and pityful opponents.

Chad, this is like watching a movie that has an underground following from word of mouth praises. But, when YOU and most that you know see it, it's a dog and you can't figure out what the fuss is about. The President has done little to justify his creds thus for. A Nobel for just getting elected to office is a joke. I would like to believe that the man is something other than a media creation, but I haven't seen it thus for. I and many others (that don't drink the Kool-aid or voted for him) are still waiting to be amazed by talent and conviction, not politics and media hype.

The reason President Obama was awarded the Nobel
Peace Prize because of his agenda. We are the
only Nation that is not elated that its president
has won this award - if this was France the people would have a parade in honor of Sarkozy. But this is the country that is critical of Pres. Obama for not creating miracles on the country's economy overnight - remember he has only been in office less than a year.
The conservative Americans prays every night that President Obama's fails and they are
also paying people to threaten our president. I will not go as far as to say that they might assassinate our president, but I would not be surprised.
This is directed to the GOP -
If this was George Bush or Ronald Reagan there
would be no fallout. I hate to play the race
card, however once again it has emerged.

I admire and have great respect for President Obama and as always prays for the safety of him and his family.

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