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lllinois Gitmo react: Kirk, Roskam say Obama relocating Gitmo detainees in Illinois creates risk

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React to Gitmo

Kirk: Plan to bring terrorists to Illinois flawed
Congressman Mark Kirk says Administration forcing Illinois residents to accept "unnecessary risk" without vote, public hearing or detailed plan

WASHINGTON-- On November 20th, members of the Illinois congressional delegation asked detailed questions about the Administration's plan to bring al Qaeda detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Illinois. Nearly one month later, we are still waiting for answers. Without a vote, public hearing or detailed plan, the Administration is moving quickly to force the citizens of Illinois to accept this unnecessary risk. The citizens of Illinois deserve better.


Roskam On Guantanamo Coming to Illinois

Roskam: "Illinois deserves a better Christmas present than hardened terrorists."
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Peter Roskam issued the following statement today after reports indicate that Guantanamo Bay Prison will be moved to Thompson, Illinois:

"The decision to move some of the world's worst terrorists to Illinois is an ill-advised move that ultimately will be regretted. The proponents have failed to prove how this move will make America safer. Let's be clear: the Administration is not closing Guantanamo, they are simply moving Guantanamo to Illinois. Illinois deserves a better Christmas present than hardened terrorists. "


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