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Illinois Guantanamo Prison? Illinois lawmakers meeting today

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below, release.....


[WASHINGTON, DC] - Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-IL) announced that TOMORROW, December 2, he will host a briefing for members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation to discuss the Thomson Correctional Center in Carroll County, Illinois as a possible site for a new federal maximum security prison.

If the Thomson Correctional Center is purchased by the federal government, the seven-county area surrounding the facility is expected to experience an estimated increase in employment of between 3,100 and 3,800 jobs in the first four years of operation. The ongoing operation of the prison is estimated to generate about 2,800 jobs that will be filled by people residing in Illinois. In the same time period, these jobs generated by the facility will produce a cumulative total of between $793 million and $1.015 billion in local earnings.

Representatives of the Departments of Defense and Justice (Bureau of Prisons) along with State of Illinois officials including the Director of the Illinois State Police, Jonathon Monken, will also attend tomorrow's meeting.

What: Briefing on Thomson Correctional Center

Who: U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)
Members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation
Director of the Illinois State Police, Jonathon Monken
Officials from the Defense Department and the Justice Department

1 Comment

There are two separate issues involved here, and unfortunately some of our politicians are confused about the two. The first is the sale of a state prison to the federal government. Our state prisons are overcrowded, and it is the fault of someone that Thomson has not been used to relieve that overcrowding. We don't have a spare state prison to sell to the federal government; we need all we have, which is a sad enough comment on crime and punishment in our state.
The second issue is bringing jihadist terrorists into the heartland, the soft underbelly of Illinois and Iowa. I'm sure that the trial lawyers of Chicago would love the billable hours available for all those hundreds of clients in all those federal trials and appeals. A goodly portion of that money would go right into their campaign coffers. So, who are we kidding, these politicians never even visit our area, much less care about the people here or our job situation. What is needed out here is a Presidential Library for Ulysses S. Grant, in Galena, and they haven't even thought about that.
However, these two issues pale in comparison to the genuinely real certainty that the allies of these terrorists will attempt a hostage taking event, aimed at our own children, and will succeed in removing these prisoners or be killed, along with who knows how many hundreds of innocent children and teenagers.
This is exactly what they did only five years ago in Beslan, a small village in rural Russia, when Muslim terrorists seized a school of six to sixteen year olds, and had everything go wrong.According to the Washing Post, on September 4, 2004, "Hundreds of children, their parents and teachers died in the bloody culmination of a 52-hour siege that began when heavily armed Muslim guerrillas stormed their school Wednesday and ended in an hours-long battle with Russian troops Friday. ...Between 500 and 700 injured former hostages were hospitalized Friday, more than 300 of them children, according to varying official accounts. Hundreds were still unaccounted for, though officials acknowledged early Saturday that the death toll would exceed 250."
We can be certain that with nearly 200 jihadist fighters held in a rural Illinois prison, the exact same thing will happen here, with either a horrific loss of life of our wives and children, or, what is more likely, the complete capitulation of the prison, and a safe release of all the prisoners. Once free, they would simply take charter buses to O'Hare, along with about fifty of their hostages, and from there take a chartered jet to Tehran.
Rather than bother with all this drama, it would be a lot simpler just to release the hostages from Guantanmo little by little and send them home. Tell the them that the war in Iraq is over, and they lost.

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