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Illinois Guantanamo detainees won't face trials in Chicago--but other terrorist suspects will

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WASHINGTON--The Obama White House is on course to make a nearly vacant Illinois prison the new home for up to 100 detainees now at the Guantanamo military prison in Cuba. While the question has been raised about whether they will ever face trial in a Chicago courtroom--and the White House says that won't happen--it's worthwhile to note in the debate that Chicago prosecutors filed charges against a suspect in the Mumbai terrorist attacks--and that could result in a trial in Chicago.

Illinois Guantanamo detainees won't race trials in Chicago--but other terrorist suspects will.

The White House told Illinois lawmakers last week that the detainees who wind up in the Illinois Gitmo will not be tried in federal courtrooms in Chicago. Rather, the group that may end up at the Thomson Correction Center in northwestern Illinois may never face trial.

On the point of holding terrorist trials in the U.S.--a group of 9-11 suspects will be tried in New York, now far from the site of the destroyed World Trade Center--the news this week is that there will be a major terrorist trial in Chicago.

From Natasha Korecki's Sun-Times story: Federal prosecutors in Chicago on Monday charged David Coleman Headley, 49, with conspiracy in the terror attacks that killed about 170 people, including six Americans, and injured hundreds more. ...Headley, who will be arraigned in Chicago on Wednesday, has been cooperating with authorities in both investigations, it was revealed Monday.

A second Chicago man who runs an immigration business and a Downstate slaughterhouse -- Tahawwur Rana -- is also under investigation in connection with the Mumbai plot.

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What do you mean by "never face trial?" So they're just supposed to rot away in some prison?i don't understand.

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