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How did terror suspect get on Northwest Flight 253 with explosive device?


WASHINGTON--Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), the ranking member on the House Homeland Security Committee wants to know why Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab---on the U.S. terror watch database (referred to often as the TIDES list)-- was on Northwest Flight 253 attempting to destroy the aircraft. My interview with King here.

The Department of Justice filed charges against Abdulmutallab on Saturday.


Oh, really, Mr. King--the answer is simple--it is a variation on the Soviet-era saying: "We pretend to work, and you pretend to pay us."

The variation is along the lines of "You pretend to screen us and we pretend you're making us safe."

With the unspoken overlay that Umar, like the "Shoe Bomber" before him--demonstrate that the threat of terrorism is actually overblown, the terrorists are largely inept and for all practical purposes ineffectual--for all the rhetoric about what a huge blow 9/11 was--the reality is that it was but a pin prick that a better leader would have argued could be shrugged off as being--however horrific it was--actually inconsequential.

Mr. King's fulminations reflect nothing more than the rankest of political calculus--seeking to gain partisan advantage

And I would like to know the thought processes of the TSA knee-jerkers who decreed that passengers will have nothing in their laps for the last hour of a flight. Is a book in one's hands "something in your lap" If those morons were part of the world - one that traveled on its own dime, but under TSA rules - an instant clarification would have been made

But Obama seems to have improved nothing - Napolitano is as weak as her predecessors, and equally competent only at closing the barn door after the horse was stolen. We have to put up with petty fascists in the TSA lines because they will catch the bad guys. Guess not, huh? How about spending a little extra time with a guy whose father grassed on? Too much mental effort, I guess

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