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Desiree Rogers does not deserve bum rap


WASHINGTON--White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers does not deserve the bum wrap she is getting over the Salahi gate crashing at the Obamas Nov. 24 state dinner for the Prime Minister of India. My 2,072-word "In Defense of Desiree Rogers" is here.


lol...consider the source and need to write this. the Post and NY Times vs. Lynn. it's laughable. of course the cheering section would do this...what else.

Yes, she deseves criticism and she should be fired. A member of her staff should have been at that checkpoint as happened in past administrations. Desiree is incompetent and should be send back to Chicago with the rest of Obama's lynchmen!

The press is NOT doing its job when it allows the story of a security breach by those responsible for keeping the POTUS safe (secret service) morph into a critique of hospitality and protocol agents. It's similar to the 'do what the generals on the ground say do,' in a civilian run government/country. The buck stops with the POTUS in matters of national security. And regarding the protection of the POTUS, the buck stops with the secret service. PERIOD!

So what - we're to believe that the Secret Service agent says, "I didn't mean to let the assassin in. If only there were a hospitable person with a clipboard there to assist me this would never have happened." Give me a break. Ms. Rogers does not deserve this ridiculous probe and congress must stop being so reactionary.

Mistakes were made. If Secret Service wanted a clipboard at the gate there would have been one there. If there is a question to be asked it's this. When the secret service found out that they weren't cleared to be at the dinner, why didn't they hospitably escort them out? Who told them it was okay for them to remain at the party? And, if that took place...this is NOT NEWS. Cable TV show or not...

A party planner does not partake in the event - - she should have been at the "velvet rope" line, with a clipboard, black flat shoes and an ear piece in her ear, supervising who gets in. If the wedding planner at my wedding was seated at one of the tables, yukking it up and eating, I would fire her.

The Secret Service role is to protect the president and his family. These highly trained men and women who would take a bullet for the Obamas should not have been regulated to checking names off of a clip board.

She has to remember that at the end of the day, she IS basically the hired help, albeit for the President, but still the help nevertheless.

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