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Dan Hynes hits rival Gov. Quinn over Illinois Guantanamo prison

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Below, release from Illinois Comptroller Dan Quinn, Hynes running in the Democratic primary against Gov. Quinn....

"As I said at the outset, I have full faith that President Obama would weigh this decision carefully and would never endanger the safety of the people of Illinois, so I trust him to do the appropriate thing regarding Thomson. At this point, however, the process has been ill-served by Governor Quinn. At the same time the Governor is asking the people of Illinois to trust him on this difficult issue, which understandably causes some unease, it turns out his administration is secretly releasing criminals, some violent, from prison early, and worse, the Governor didn't seem to know anything about it. Governor Quinn's bungled handling of and obfuscation on this program does nothing to instill a climate of competence and confidence that the people of Illinois need at a time and situation like this. As the Thomson sale moves forward, we are still waiting for the Governor to give answers to the many questions raised by his secret early release program, and he ought to level with the people of Illinois immediately." -- Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes

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