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Christmas at the White House: The food. Picture gallery


Updated Monday afternoon

WASHINGTON--The White House is throwing a series of holiday parties. I attended one of the parties for the press. Here's a picture tour of some of the food offerings. It turns out these photos have a place in telling the historic story of Obama entertaining in the White House because no other outlet has run pictures of the food from the Obama parties. How a First Family entertains is part of the history of the administration. Over at Obama Foodorama, which has emerged as the web site of record when it comes to reporting on anything having to do with food in the Obama White House--from First Lady Michelle Obama's food initiatives on healthy eating and her kitchen garden to White House entertaining--Eddie Gehman Kohan took a look at what I posted and wrote about the food featured in my pictures. Food expert Kohan, who founded Obama Foodorama also includes quite a backstory.

From Kohan:

"But the foodie reports have all been based on party goers' eyewitness accounts, because the White House has not released a formal advisory of what foods have been served at the holiday receptions. In previous administrations, members of the media were sent an advisory about the dishes being served at holiday receptions....but the Obama White House is doing things a little differently. And food photos taken by attendees have been dark and very low res...until now. Reporter Lynn Sweet has just saved the day for the historic record about White House foods, as far as your intrepid blogger is concerned; she just posted the best food shots to come out of any of the many receptions."

(photo by Lynn Sweet) For more about this gingerbread White House, Obamafoodarama has the details.

(photo by Lynn Sweet)

(photo by Lynn Sweet)

(photo by Lynn Sweet)

(photo by Lynn Sweet)

(photo by Lynn Sweet)


I thought the country was in a recession. There are a lot of people that are having a hard time feeding and clothing their families. This is over the top. Obama & clan should be ashamed!

I don't even care for the Obamas, but this is the President's House of the United States of America. To imply that they should be eating pork and beans is ridiculous. IMO, the meal isn't over-the-top at all. In fact, I would have like to have seen more silver and crystal in play.

Why do we have to criticize everything our President does? Where you upset when you found out that Mr. Bush wasn't in the White House 25% of the time he was in office as President? Were you upset when Mr. Bush had parties at the White House?

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