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Bo, Obama dog in police car drivers seat. Cute photo


bo in police car dec. 2009.jpg (White House photo taken Dec. 16, 2009)


looks like he is competently in charge. very cute

Like always, our boy Bo is taking charge in the driver's seat! :-)

Teddy, I'm sure you are aware that the Senate passed the Health Care Bill. I believe that you had something to do, with the making sure that health care will be provided to millions of american people. Angels do work miracles. What do you think about Bo? He seems to have your tempermant and strong leadership abilities. Please tell Martin, John and Bobby Happy Holidays.

"A Baby Boomer"

Lynn I apologize for responding too often. 2009 has been a hellava year.

"Oprah was right! I looked under my water bowl and there they were...keys to my own patrol car!"

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