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Ambulance to Obama Hawaii compound: Sun-Times learns minor surfing accident not involving First Family

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Updated 9:14 p.m eastern time, 8:14 Chicago time

WASHINGTON--The injured child who President Obama rushed to check on Monday--leaving his golf game--was the nine-year-old son of Chicago pal Eric Whitaker who had what was called a "minor" accident while surfing.

Obama, on vacation in his native Hawaii, was playing at the Luana Hills Country Club with Whitaker, a physician who is an executive at the University of Chicago Medical Center when the emergency call came that an ambulance was speeding to the Obama vacation compound.

White House spokesman Bill Burton said, "Eric and Cheryl Whitaker's son was examined and released from the hospital. He is home playing with his friends and just fine. "

The president later returned to his game.

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WASHINGTON--An ambulance was called to the Obama family Hawaii compound on Monday; President Obama left a golf game to return to the rented home; the Chicago Sun-Times has learned it was a minor accident not involving a member of the First Family.

A White House aide said on background a family friend "bumped his head during a morning surfing lesson, but all, including the First Family are ok."

Click below for update, filed at 5:42 p.m. eastern time, 4:42 p.m. Chicago time. The accident happened to the child of the family friend Obama was playing golf with; the child required stiches. Obama returned to the golf course.

White House spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement, "The First Family is fine"

An unnamed administration official provided the following information:

A child of someone the President was playing golf with was hurt in a "run of the mill beach injury" The injury will require stitches

The official would not confirm identity of the child or father.

The official said Obama knew that when a child is hurt, a parent wants to be with them as
soon as possible so the president decided to rush off the course.

The official said activities now back on as normal

Motorcade heading back to golf course.

pool reporter
Stephen Collinson
White House Correspondent,
AFP Washington,

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