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Senate Democrats get 60 votes to bring health care bill to floor; real showdown to come

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1 Comment

I am a lifelong Democrat who maxed out for Obama 2 times. However, I am also a moderate and a Healthcare Professional.
If the Government Option (first step to Socialized Medicine) is not immediately removed from the Senate Bill I might even vote for Rebublicans in 2010. I have never voted for a Republican as far as I can remember.

Today I attended the PA Million Member March by Physicians against the current bill. Although 1/2 of the people were right wingers, I didn't care.

Obama better beware, if people like myself are angry with him, Democrats are in big trouble.
Its time for Obama to stop bending over backwards to the Progressives and start following his campaign promise for Bipartisanship.

Obama was always prepared to drop the Government Option, yet he doesn't want it to appear to be his decision. As a result Healthcare has been delayed for months and may fail altogether.

There is so much more to do to improve the Senate bill, but the Government Option is sucking all the air out it.

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