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Rahm Emanuel turns 50 on Sunday


A milestone birthday Sunday for White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who turns 50 today.


Rahm is a kid, Lynn...We still affectionately refer to him as "The Raccoon"

Happy Birthday Rahm. Great job with FOX, now BECK. Enough is enough. President Obama, Rahm, Axelrod, and Gibbs. A Team. The Chicago Boys. Fantastic. God bless your family. Morning Joe fears you Rahm. You must be doing everything right.

Get rid of Rahm. Another "fund raiser" we could do without. C'mon Lynn quit fiddling while Rome burns! He's a millstone not a milestone.

The New York Times Lead Editorial Saturday said that Rahm Emmanuel has failed badly, and is leading Obama astray! Why would the New York Times say this and what will the effects of them saying it be? Only makes one wonder? What do you think Lynn?

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