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Obama plays golf Saturday with male aides....female player a one-time special?


Andrews AFB to White House

POTUS departed Andrews at 4:40 p.m. en route to the White House. Motorcade arrived back at 5:05 p.m. It was an uneventful ride at sunset back to the palace (beautiful big sky tonight, folks).

Your pooler has been informed that POTUS golfed at Andrews with trip director Marvin Nicholson, legislative affairs staffer Eugene Kang and campaign photographer David Katz.

We DO NOT have a full lid. Stay tuned.

Ken Bazinet
Daily News


With unemployment at about 10-16%. He is out golfing. Hey, Obama, what about golfing after having your stupid job summit.

Whether you agree or disagree with his policies; let the man play golf.....uninhibited...with or without female colleagues! During the past 3 weeks the POTUS has had several national security meetings...made a visit to Dover airforce base to receive dead soldiers...made a visit to Fort Hood to recognize victims of a senseless killing...Went to Asia where no one could understand what he was saying!...........After all of this, he fly's 18 hours back home, walks in the door and has to deal with his mother in law.....Fore!

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