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Michelle Obama welcomes White House Christmas tree



From the White House..

On Friday November 27, the First Lady will be presented with the Official White House Christmas Tree, which this year comes from Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The 18 ½ ft Douglas-fir will arrive on the traditional horse drawn carriage to the North Portico. The tree will then be on display in the Blue Room throughout the holiday season. The outside arrival event is open to pre-credentialed media.


I was surprised that elderly white people were allowed on white house grounds, obama and his administration has done nothing but ridicule and America's elderly.

First, I would like to thank God for protecting the First Family of the United States of America.
I would also like to extend my wishes for a safe, happy, healty holiday to President Obama and his wonderful family.

This is a story about a Christmas Tree, not one of poltical attack. While I understand individual frustration, I also understand that there are approriate avenues for my expression.
Let's keep the holiday season light.

I hadn't heard that, Susan. Where did you read or hear that President Obama ridiculed and abused the elderly?

Merry Christmas to The White House and all who celebrate Christmas!!!

Susan Riegler, you know a lie is only a lie if you can get someone to believe it; and some people will believe anything that's convenient. Work hard to help yourself know the difference between lies and truth.

I just wish someone would dress michelle. She is a total disgrace to the position of First Lady. Guess it is just so obvious because our First Lady Mrs Bush was so classy and always looked so nice. michelle wears the most awful clothes and looks so rag tag all the time. This big bow and big belt on this frumpy person is just disgusting!

ms. riegler, they have done nothing but ridicule this entire republic. keep on keeping on. i don't even know what kind of name khrish is...but the reaction appears strange...foreign.

I guess your into the OLD style of "first lady fashion" Carol! MRS OBAMA (have some respect) dresses the way SHE feels comfortable and I don't see anything wrong with that. She has her own INDIVIDUAL style. She's YOUNG, hip, AND stylish. What do you mean when you say "frumpy"? From what I've read, she gets up every morning at 5am and does a full work-out. Her body is TONED, BUILT, AND ATHLETIC. She is FAR FROM FRUMPY!!! Again, have some respect!

Mr. Nope, Where in Susan's comment did she type the word abused? I certainly didn't read that word in her comment. Funny, how you saw a word that wasn't even there. I guess that is how distortion begins when a person adds his/her own words. I agree with the lady that wishes someone would dress the First Lady. Whenever my husband sees her on TV he makes a comment about how unflattering her clothes are. I would venture to say that most of us don't have as extensive a wardrobe as she does and we know how to hide our figure flaws instead of dressing in clothes that point them out for everyone to see. For all of the money they are wasting it would seem they could hire her a personal assistant with fashion sense since she apparently doesn't have any.

I am proud that Mrs. Obama can be proud and wear what she is comfortable in wearing. I am glad to show and tell my daughters that you can have a shapely body (which she definitely has) and still be accepted and admired without being ridiculed. I have never seen anyone as ridiculed as the Obama's have been since taking office. I hope their poor daughters have thick skin to hear such negative remarks about our ELECTED president and their FATHER. Ignorant people spread ignorant lies. Until you have walked in someone else's shoes then you cannot judge. Need I remind you that the Obama's were not the ones who led our country into the current state that it is in. Unite and overcome!

Carol, have you not heard the word abuse used where it means "to mistreat"? One can mistreat or misuse someone through ridicule. I have a tendency to use more than one word to broaden and/or refine meaning, or merely for the sake of style. I stand by my previous interrogative. In any case, I simply had hoped the previous poster might amplify and support their concerns with an example, since I hadn't heard such a thing as ridicule of the elderly associated with the president. At first glance, it's a rather odd allegation to make.

First of all I would like to thank God for his grace and mercies.

I also extend Christmas greetings to President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle and family.

I'm sure the tree will be decorated very nicely and I'm sure that Obama won't have a hand in any of it. And yes, Michelle is dresses very frumpy. She looks as though she shops at Goodwill.

Mrs OBama talks about giving for the holidays, is her husband ever going to give the federal employees the extra day off like the last President? Hello where is the Christmas Spirit.

It's really ridiculous to read how adults can take something as innocent as the White House receiving it's Christmas Tree and turn it into unecessary negativity. Some of you sound very very stupid (just calling it like I see it). Everyone is entitled to their opinions true, but have you not heard of respect and a time and place for everything?? This is still our first family like it or not. There are far worse things going on in our world for you all to be acting like children and going back and forth over some nonsense. It's no wonder our youth have no respect for society look at their elders!!

I get it that it probably is hard for Ms. Obama to dress. She is one huge lady. However, her attire is just plain in appropriate sometimes and just because fashion mavens won't admit it, doesn't make it any less true. She is SO much bigger than him!

What really puzzles me about most of these gung-ho individuals who enjoy slicing and dicing political participants, is that they are so "patriotic" and "principled". If you notice, a lot of these "No Gut's No Glory" posts on here have been either........"Unknown" or "Anonymous". That's right.....stand up and defend your country! That's it pilgrim, when the going get's tough, the tough remain "Anonymous".

Just one other comment to make. Some of "You People" (....and these individuals know exactly who that phrase was directed at...and if these bigots don't realize who, then to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy...."You Might Be A Bigot".) need to go back to an institution of higher learning before you start tearing down a person , or a group. Spelling....Spelling...Spelling!

If you still cannot seem to grasp (The second of the three "R"s.......Writing!) this ideology, do what I have heard many a wise reader has advised others in the past.....get a spell check! This way when you're discussing what your world is all about, you won't be seen as a number of us view you as.......a babbling idiot!

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