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Illinois GOP Party poll on Gitmo north. Oppose? Support?


Below, release from Illinois GOP survey....

Survey Shows Only 32% of Illinois Voters Support Quinn/Durbin Plan to Move Gitmo to Illinois, 57% Oppose

60% of women, 58% of independents and plurality of Democrats call plan a "bad idea"

CHICAGO - Less than one-third of Illinois voters support a plan to move terrorists from Gitmo to Thomson, Illinois while 57 percent call it a "bad idea," according to a survey released today by We Ask America, a division of Xpress Professional Services, Inc. of Springfield, Illinois.

According to the overnight survey of 1,791 likely Illinois voters, 60 percent of women and 58 percent of independents oppose the plan. Even Democrats narrowly oppose the plan, 44.5 percent to 43 percent.

It has been reported that a prison in northwestern Illinois is being considered to house individuals that have been incarcerated at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay. The individuals in question are being held due to suspicion that they have connections to terrorist activities. Do you think that housing these prisoners in an Illinois prison is a GOOD IDEA or a BAD IDEA?

Overall: Independents Democrats
Good idea: 32.33% Good idea: 33.78% Good idea: 42.62%
Bad idea: 56.95% Bad idea: 57.90% Bad idea: 44.46%
Unsure: 10.72% Unsure: 8.32% Unsure: 12.92%

"Democrat mismanagement and corruption is no excuse to put our homeland security at risk," IL Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady said. "Governor Quinn and Senator Durbin should listen to the people of Illinois and oppose this risky scheme."

ILGOP Note: Poll Data Courtesy of We Ask America, a division of Xpress Professional Services, Inc., 217-522-1257
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Really? We fear these detainees so much? This isn't the land of the pansies, this is Illinois, this is Chicago, big shoulders and hard heads. Do we really think that these unarmed, known, and largely impotent men can harm us in any way? The only way terrorists can operate is if you don't know they're coming until they strike. Once you know who and where they are, they just become sad, angry, violent little fools, and we should not fear them. Man/Woman up, Illinois! Pity if you will, hate if you must, detest if you can, but fear not!

While I have no problem bringing Gitmo prisoners to Illinois, I'd rather see them fill it with Illinois polticians, combine members, and those others doing it "The Chicago/Illinois way.

Hey we need to end this thing someday for crying out loud. This would be the logical start to that end in my mind. Do the trials. Do where it can be wittnessed,get it over with, and get out of the "wars". For crying out loud we are doing to our selfes what they couldn't do to us.

TylerS: Are you kidding? These detainees *still* have strong ties w/ their terrorist organizations who happen to continue to laud them as martyrs for their cause. Just b/c they're in jail doesn't mean they've become
sad, impotent men! Your own comment "they've just become sad, angry, VIOLENT little fools"
speaks volumes as to what lengths they can still go to to reek revenge via those extremists & terrorists still free & more than willing to do more harm in their name!

Check history in the USA re prisoners (even in max facilities) who still have connections to the 'outside' & and are well able to give instructions/orders to their hench-men who follow their wishes& create more havoc!
And, u don't think these guys can do the same?

Get it right! We're no 'pansies' here in Illinois! Neither are we naive! And, your:
"The only way terrorists can operate is if you don't know they're coming until they strike"?!!

You just made the case against the 5 detainees!
Of course, *they're* not going to strike against us physically & in person per say! They weren't the ones flying those 3 planes on Sept.11th were they? They worked 'behind the scenes'! That's what they do!

Get a clue! Get *real*! We're not living in a 'pollyanna' world!

Well, Tyler your ignorance, and probably young age, speak loudly about your opinion.

What better state than Illinois Obama and Durbin's home state.

I want to include our "Stop Gitmo from coming to Illinois" online petition for you to sign and everyone else you might know. This is an issue that effects all Americans.

We will be handing our petition to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. at the Sterling High School Centennial Auditorium.

Spread the word!

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