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Sarah Palin hits Oprah in November


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin---now author and potential 2012 presidential candidate--hits Oprah Winfrey's show in November. Read about it here.


I still don't understand what is so special about Sarah Palin. I also can't imagine what I could read in her new book which could change that.

ditto oprah.what's so special about her? she expands...she contacts...she talks alot and says nothing.

I hope Oprah questions Palin about the unethical wolf hunting practices that she condones and has encouraged from airplanes in Alaska. What about her state authorized chemical dumping policies concerning the Alaskan Cooke Inlet? Nothing is sacred to Palin, not even her own family which she continually exploits. Palin wouldn't even finish her term as Governor of Alaska. Why would we want to buy her book? I see nothing to be admired!

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