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Obama to donate his $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize to charity


This just in--White House pool report says President Obama will donate his $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize winnings to charity. No decision yet on what charity or charities will receive the money.


I suggest he donate it to the $700 trillion deficit he helped create.

like-------who cares????

He's been in office since January. How exactly did he create a $700 trillion dollar decifit all by himself in a democratic country? Find out who your local politians are and demand that they stop voting down laws that would help the country instead of blaming the new President. Congratulations Mr. President! Let your haters keep hating.

Why didn't you libs take your own advice and tone down the rhetoric against Dubya. Hypocrites aplenty from both parties. Obama and the Dems. took an 8 trillion dollar deficit and increased it to almost eleven trillion. But that is off topic. What has Obama done to earn a (much tarnished by Socialism) Nobel Peace Prize?

Nothing is real or tangible until it is brought into one's awareness and that's just what President Obama continues to do well whenever he addresses the world regarding peace. He ignites something in all of us and in my book, that's a good start. Jealousy may rule the day today, but one American (that's me) is proud of our President and I believe that this prize can only help to increase the momentum of efforts toward world peace in every corner of the world.

Congratulations President Obama!

Hey Chicago writer it's called a $700 trillion stimulus! A year in office and unemployment is at a all time high 17% and they don't even count the people who ran out of unemployment benefits. Way to go Obuma!

It's the middle of January and still no donation! WTF? Why lie about it, you didn't deserve a noble piece price anyway!

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