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Obama slammed by Michelle Malkin in Chicago speech


My Sun-Times colleague Abdon Pallasch reports on Michelle Malkin slamming President Obama while in Chicago; read his article here.


Do we need to know what Michelle Malkin thinks? Why is this news?

Jane, as of late, there has been far too few newsworthy items placed on the blog. I think that Lynn posts items like this to garner a reaction from bloggers. Let's face it, most of the people posting on this site are Dems.. Michelle Malkin is a well known and controversial Republican pundit, so it does have some relevance. I would rather read anyone's statements that see photos of the First Lady hula-hooping or items about the Prez's golf companions. There is not much substance to this President and as a result, there is little to comment on in the way of politics.

I love your intelligence and insight, but I do not trust Obama. Gates McPhail

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