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Obama playing basketball with cabinet, House members


WASHINGTON--Hoopster President Obama plays basketball Thursday with several cabinet secretaries-- Arne Duncan one of them--and House members, including John Shimkus (R-Ill.)

The White House basketball court, on the South Lawn, will be getting a workout. Earlier in the day, Obama will take in a game with the National Naval Medical Center Marine Wounded Warrior basketball team.

The evening game includes 11 male House members and four male members of the Obama cabinet HUD's Shaun Donovan; Education's Duncan; Treasury's Tim Geithner and Interior's Ken Salazar.

The House line-up is heavily tilted towards Democrats--nine vs. two Republicans on the court. Some of those Dems are considered swing votes. The game is social--the invites went to guys who may have mentioned to White House staff they would love to play Obama--but don't be surprised, I was told, if some business gets done on the court.


The best way for things getting done is to take a walk together. For security reasons the white house has chosen to exchange the walk with basketball playing together.


This is one of Lynn's "feelgood" pieces about Barack. He can't bowl and he throws like a girl, so basketball must be his sport.

I wonder how many of our guys were killed in Afghistan while the Pres played basketball

hey Ed I understand you may have family in the army or possibly be in it yourself but you need to relax. or a least lay off. Obama is only human he is just like you and me he has a family and hobbies and interest too. he is as it is working day and night would you really begrudge him 2 or 3 hours to himself or more. You and I cant not even imagine the stress behind his job and that basketball game may be one of the few things he does to rewind so lay off he just a man and right now he has the weight of the worl on his shoulders.

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