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Michelle Obama action figure doll


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WASHINGTON--The latest commercial use of the image of First Lady Michelle Obama comes from Jailbreak Toys, coming out next month with six-inch plastic "action figures" of the first lady. She's for sale--the toy that is--for $12.99.

The doll is made wearing three dresses, all from notable days Mrs. Obama had the campaign trail; read my story about the dolls and the clothes here.

One of the outfits on the doll is the dress Mrs. Obama wore on ABC's "The View" on June 18, 2008 during the campaign. That's the show where Mrs. Obama confessed she did not wear panty hose. My blog post about Mrs. Obama's panty hose confession here.


This doll is ugly and does not look like Mrs. Obama. Plus, I do not like the name of the company, Jailbreak Toys, that's manufacturing the doll. Where did that name come from? And, does it mean anything like it sounds?

Those dolls look silly. The limbs are too oddly shaped and the whole figure appears masculine. If you are going to make a Michelle Obama doll, try to make it look as nice and ladylike as the original model.

If I was Michelle, I'd be in a tiff.

This doll is an insult to our beautiful elegant first lady.

Good grief!!! This doll is plain downright UGLY!! I think it would scare the daylights out of a little girl!! Look at those huge flat feet!!

I think the doll is really an insult rather than a compliment. If it were me, I'd demand that it be taken off the market!! The head is too large for the body! I guess the designer doesn't like Michelle Obama!!

I think this is so ridiculous! She's just a first lady, she's not mother Theresa! I've never seen an action figure of Laura Bush or any other first lady for that matter. I think the novelty of the first half-black president is just going way to far. I'm trying to take him seriously as a president but all this hype over stupid things like beanie babies designed after their daughters and now the Michelle Obama action figure makes it really hard to respect them as a presidental family. I'm too focused on what they will "inspire" next for being a black family in the white house!

I happen to think they're great. Of course, I gave out the Barack figures for Christmas last year so maybe I'm biased.:) I'm also a figure collector and thought I'd toss out the info that there is a difference between and action figure and a doll. And not sure about you but when I think of Michelle I think 'action' way before I think of 'doll.'

that's her. they captured it all.

By Amanda on October 20, 2009 8:16 AM
By Booth V. on October 20, 2009 2:29 PM
By jeffery mcnary on October 20, 2009 3:34 PM

The three of you must be related? Mom, Dad and little jeffery who thinks like his parents!

I bet dinner time conversation has been tense, terse and down-right hellish lately.

God bless you people!

This doll is downright UGLY and looks nothing like Michelle Obama and the makers KNOW that.

I didn't even vote for Obama and I find this doll insulting.

I will surely say this much. She is one of the best looking First Ladies that the White House has ever had.

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