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The Obama marriage; New York Times magazine cover story


WASHINGTON--President Obama and First Lady Michelle don't have identical wedding rings, just redecorated the White House residence and have wrestled with their marriage through the years, says the cover story in the Sunday New York Times Magazine by Jodi Kantor. But living together in the White House has eased strains in the marriage that existed when Obama was an Illinois state senator, Illinois senator and on the road campaigning for the White House. My column on what's new in the New York Times article is here.

The Obama marriage has been put under the microscope before. Politics Daily editor-in-chief Melinda Henneberger wrote a series in Slate you can find here.


frankly my's not really writ worthy. inquiring minds want to know about bill ayers and his role in, 'dreams from my father.'

Bill Ayers, as one commentator stated, is now benign and in the past. I want to stay in The Now. Is Bill Ayers even in the news?? Is Bill Ayers bombing buildings *now?* Is he still a threat to the U.S. security *now?* Had many young people even heard of Bill Ayers until his name was brought up by the opposing candidates in the election? I don't think so. America has more important things to worry about~now. We all know what they are.

I would think the American people would appreciate that the Obamas have 'date nights' to keep their marriage strong. Did President Bush ever take his wife out on a date night? I am not sure, but I don't remember hearing about it. Did Clinton? Maybe this would've made the Clinton's marriage better, and the whole Wolinski scandal could've been avoided! Marriage is about communication. This is number one...without that, anyone that's married knows that a relationship can easily fall apart without good honest communication. The fact that Barack Obama couldn't take his wife out privately because he happened to be President of the United States has to be taken into account. He still wanted to fulfill his promise to her. Doesn't this occur to people? To be criticized for this date night on Broadway is like putting a dot on a blank piece of paper, and focusing on the dot.

Kristin Garson

I have been married 42 years and have never heard of a marriage without some problems. I believe the marriage is now strong and they have grown into thier roles.

It's good to know they're doing better now. For their own sake, it would really help them a lot if they have a good relationship, especially now that they're under the scrutiny of the public eye. Hope they genuinely are alright.

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