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House health bill, with public option, 1,990 pages. Read it here.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released on Thursday the 1,990-page House Democrats' health reform legislation, which includes the controversial government sponsored health plan that has come to be called a public option. It would mandate everyone to buy health insurance and ban insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. Read the bill here.

The bill is expected to go to the House floor next week and is not expected to get any Republican votes.

If the House approves the bill, it will have to be melded with the Senate version--where everything can change--and return to the chamber for a final vote.


This is truly a Socialist Plan. It is disgusting and WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. WE DO NOT WANT IT!!
What is wrong with you? What about "NO" do you not understand? And all that crap about Indians. They are NATIVE AMERICAN'S and they are turning over in all the graves we put them in.
SHAME ON YOU!! You, the government, and You Pelosi need to protect the American Constitution, uphold our God Given Rights, Stand up for what our Men Laid down there lives for, Protect America from Tyranny, Terrorists, Free Speech, The right to Bare Arms.. You are a monstrosity! Tax Increases, Hiding the Cost of this, Desamating Medicare. You are trying to slam this through the House it is insulting to the American Public and so are you!

If any part of a government controlled insurance option is included in a passed bill, America will have taken the 'final' step into fatal quicksand, and America will have finally died.

naw, you digest you do most of the news.

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