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Durbin optimistic on public option in health care bill.

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Below, from Durbin.....

October 26, 2009


[WASHINGTON, D.C.] - U.S. Senator Dick Durbin today made the following statement regarding the news that the Senate health care bill will include a public option:

"For weeks, Majority Leader Harry Reid has worked to forge an important consensus within our Caucus and with the White House in support of a public health insurance option. Because of his efforts, today we are within reach of an historic achievement -- providing access to health care for every American family.

The opt-out plan Senate Democrats are putting forward will foster greater competition in the marketplace, create more choices for consumers, and lead to lower costs and better quality for all. And it will allow each state to make the choice about what works best.

The fight to pass this bill is far from over, and we know the insurance companies and their allies will battle us every step of the way. But I believe we still can enact meaningful health care reform this year."

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What an arrogant, elitist Democrat. He holds court and expounds about all of his efforts to ram through a public option, as if it is the overwhelming will of the people. I've got news for Commissar Durbin. Over 50% of the American voters are NOT in favor of a public option, and if it weren't for the voters of Cook County, he would never hold another public office. Let him go down to Peoria, Danville, Champaign, or any large downstate city and see how his words are received. What a duplicitous, slimy politician he is. The man that called the previous administration Nazis and accused the troups in Iraq of war crimes.

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