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White House, taking on Glenn Beck, tackles GOP attack on "czars"


WASHINGTON--In a posting done without fanfare at, White House communications chief Anita Dunn responded Wednesday afternoon with a rebuttal to the attack on the Obama administration by some Republicans and commentators--Glenn Beck one of them--on the appointments of "czars"--high level advisors who did not face Senate confirmation. Beck just got the head of now former green jobs chief Van Jones.

In a bit of coordinated messaging, the Demoratic National Committee on Thursday morning produced a web video, "Dancing with the Czars."


Of Course! Glenn has NEVER said Bush didn't have ANY--of course he did and now he's saying 1) It's wrong to have these people who aren't confirmed by congress (no matter who the president is). and 2) He's asking HOW IN THE WORLD someone like Van Jones got his position--who was vetting these people. A self-avowed COMMUNIST! If anyone could please show me which one of the 47 Bush Czars were self-avowed communitsts I would be happy to get angry about them as well. Obama said that we could look at the people he surrounds himself with to know his policies---Van Jones says it all. Now show me which one of the Bush Czars was equally as radical?

And I'm not exactly sure why Beck keeps harping on Czars and this whole 'scary' Czar/Communism thing. The Communists kicked out the Czar. Is Beck saying he's a communist?

I'm a Nicaraguan born and became a Citizen of United States 10 yrs ago my age is 37yrs Old , and don't consider my self a minority, I state this for the purpose of letting my fellow Americans know that handouts and manipulation from corrupt politicians is wrong ,I'm a living example that even with my ethnic background I will not trade the back bone of a capitalist country and depend on the fellow tax payers to pay my bills (stimulus) or accept un-patriotic (residents) who bring views from unstable democracies if they have any ?, they swear under constitution to uphold truth, but the truth for this so called patriots is corrupted just as the politicians in every city of the USA, quote this I’m Nicaraguan by nature and American at Heart "CLOSE THE RIGHT TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY IF YOU NOT GOING TO DEFEND IT!" this means Central American Countries that Spews anti- American Sentiment or South American Countries that copy Marxism as a Doctrine and Caribbean Island that use tricks to suck the life of this Economy .

Fear, Hatred, Distraction, Distortion and Division. That's all Republicans gave to offer. FOX is the Republican Propaganda Organ, if FOX says it .... see above.

Czar Beck,

If only Czar Beck wasn't such a liar. He knew that those two republicans were leaving Congress. So he put theire picture up like some fool. Then he acts as thought, he really cares about how the hill is running. I watch him and really think who could be fooled by this Fox News Clown. Then O'Reilly and Hannity are going to become jealous because he is getting all the attention. Yet, this fool played the " We The People," that Acorn will never be losted. The organiztation can join another and become more powerful. Or the investagation will find nothing out and the Acorn people are right back into busineeses. Yeah Suckers! So the only thing Glen Beck is doing is playing game with your brain! If any any of you exactly have any. Don't carry guns to Obama Townhall Meetings!

Classic technique, lets not let it work. The democrats are currently suffering from some pretty serious infighting when it comes to the healthcare reform (extreme left progressive democracts vs. moderate democrats) and this is a great way for the administration to rally the troops and bring the democratic party together for a cause. Be smater than this and we can only hope the democrats that still beleive in the constitution are smart enough to figure this out and not end up becoming a pawn in this administrations games.

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