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Valerie Jarrett to Copenhagen to bolster Chicago 2016 bid. Will Obama go?


White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett--who heads the Obama team drive for Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid--will be going to Copenhagen in October for the city's final pitch, I'm told. Chicago's Olympic champions hopes President Obama decides to also travel to Denmark to seal the deal. The White House as of Tuesday is not ready to say one way or the other. Betting is: Obama will go if it looks like it is worth his time.

4 Comments!!!!! water, please!!!
MADRID!! and it don't matter if he sends BO...and please post this again when MADRID gets the Olympics.

C'mon IS "worth your time" this is the US bid...Go to Copenhagen and represent the country you are supposed to be leading! Go Chicago!

GO CHICAGO ! The olympics is a once in a lifetime experience. Each of the four cities has naysayers for bringing the olympics, but Chicago will give the best experience to the athletes, media & visitors hands down.

Madrid's plans are truly boring & not organized.

Tokyo - great city, but does not need the olympics right now.

Rio - would give the best intro to the olympics, but due to the lack of infrastructure, safety & 2014 World Cup ( will lose sponsorship money & marketing for 2016), the experience for the athlete & visitors will not be a good one as they will be forced to stay in certain areas.

Chicago & the US needs a 're-image' coming out party.

Madrid´s plans are not boring at all!!

Madrid is one of the liveliest cities in the world!! So a plan taking place in Madrid can´t be boring at all!!

No matter if you like museums (like the Prado), shopping (from shopping malls to centenary shops), night life (Madrid has more bars, puts, etc. than any other city in the world), etc.

Just go there, walk around the city, and you will experience what I´m talking about!!

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