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Rep. "You Lie" Wilson nixes apology on House floor.


WASHINGTON--Rep. Wilson (R-S.C.), who shouted out "you lie" during President Obama's health care address to a joint session of Congress,on Wednesday, told Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" he will not apologize again for his outburst--a breach of House etiquette.

"I am not going to apologize again," he said. He said he apologized to Obama on Wednesday he said and "that is sufficient." Actually, the apology went to Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

That means Wilson will likely be brought to the well of the House floor this upcoming week so House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can sanction him.

Wilson said he had a "town hall" moment.

"I would never do anything like that again."

Asked if race was an issue: "I respect the president." He also noted that First Lady Michelle Obama has family in South Carolina.

"I am a civil peson. I have apologized to the president. I believe that is sufficient."


I understand that Mr. Wilson apologized to the President, however, he, himself, said that he only did it because the officials of the Republican Party told him he had to. In my opinion, he MUST be censured on the floor of the house. America can't tolerate such arrogance.
One other comment. I watch Fox News Sunday every week but I just can't stand Bill Cristol. Many weeks, when he gets that sneer on his face and starts his tyrade of "stretched" truths, I just have to turn the program off.

Joe Wilson is a nasty, dim-witted man. His breach of protocol and blatant disrespect during the President's speech has been condoned and rewarded by haters. He needs to formally be reprimanded in Congress and made to apologize correctly; this time to the President and not just to Rahm Emanuel. Any funds that have been raised politically by Joe Wilson as a result of his ugly behavior should be applied to the national debt. This congressman is a puppet of Rush Limbaugh and right-wing bigoted Republicans. Face it, southern Republicans have logically seceded from the Union because we now have a black President.

You hang in there, Joe Wilson. There were over a million at the rally in D.C. that are with you!
It took a lot of guts to do what you did, though, it was not the best road to take. You said you were sorry, I believe you. Let's move on. Please don't do this again, but they are looking into it and you were right!

Illegal aliens get FREE healtcare now! Imagine that! You are in this Country ILLEGALLY and you get free healthcare. They are looking for waste in the healthcare system? Look to the illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens have made America the dumping ground for all their illegal alien children, then we have to school them and give them free medical care.

Need I say more?

I believe the Congressman needs to apologize to the American people for the distespect shown to the of the President. I also don't believe thet any town hall meeting should allow that kind of anamosity to be displayed. I don't understand how any frank and open discussion can take place with a person who displays that type of mind set. I would also question where the basis for Mr. Wilson's obviously ill will toward the President comes from.

To: Joe Wilson
Tell Nancy to shove it. I am in your corner. He is a LIAR.

Vince Cooke, Captain, USN (Ret)

Nancy Pelosi needs to be forced out of congress!!! She is hardly a model for any congress member ,citizen of the USA, or even a younger member of her own family. It's so ironic that she has power to censure anyone.

Go Joe! You speak for me!

Joe Wilson claims he is a civil person. His "You lie" statement could be used to describe him. Civil people don't act like unrestrained animals, or disrespectful children. If this is how you choose to act, then this is exactly the way people will treat YOU. NO DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!

I am still awaiting the Democrats who booed President Bush when he addressed Congress to apoligize.

I am still awaiting the Democrats who compared President Bush to Adolph Hitler to apoligize.

There are nitwits in both political parties but it seems that the main stream media and the Democrats only are critical of Republican nitwits!

As a veteran I have lost my patriotism. As far as I can tell, the angry protesters are so convinced that our government is the enemy, that it can't do anything right, that it is wasteful, etc. that I don't see why they are still Americans. What do they love about America? Their rage is so out of proportion, the language so extreme, violence implied. They scare me. The crowd mentality is very dangerous and I would not mix in one. I am white but I am gay and I've had bibles thrown at me before. If one cannot debate without emotion getting the better of one, perhaps someone more rational can do the talking. Obama thinks we will vote for him next time after missing so many opportunites to fix issues. I'll vote for nonincumbents and people of color or under 40, not corporate bought folks.

Why does it seem like the mainstream news media including the Sun-Times, is trying to keep people in the dark? Where are the stories on ACORN? It appears to me most Democrat members Congress, would rather make a big deal about trying to belittle another member of Congress. Instead of investigating corrupt organizations like ACORN. This seems to look like another political diversion. And of course some try to use the race card. Which isn't going to fly anymore.

Remember the comparisons of Bush '43 to Hitler and his administration to the Nazis? Commissar Durbin referring to the Bush 'Nazis" and the atrocities being perpetrated by our troups? Remember Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and her absolute certainty that Bush and Cheney orchestrated 9/11? "Bush lied and people died" even though approx. 80% of the Senate Democrats voted to go to war in Iraq. When it comes to insults, exaggerations, and outright lying, the Republicans can't hold a candle to the Democrats. They have perfected the art of perception management (brainwashing, with the media's help). It's not even subliminal anymore. It is overt and calculated. Joe Wilson is accurate in what he said. He is absolutely wrong in the venue in which he said it.

Hey, if the president might be shady concerning certain issues...then someone needs to speak up, right. This is politics, no one can tell me that all that is said, even about the health care reform, that it will take place-plus there are a lot of UN specifics concerning who will get health care, sorry, I got off the subject

We should all be proud of living in a country with the freedom to express our opinions to what we beleive to be the truth with the limited knowledge and understanding that our politicians choose to give us about what is really driving government. Of course special interests, quests for power and greed exist. We the public see only what our leaders choose to feed us. We may be on the right or wrong side of history, only time will tell, but I see it as a great loss that we choose to be led into the loss of civil discussion because of the political party of our parents and forsake the spirit that made us great in the first place. Blindly clinging to either orchestrated "Fear or "Blind Hope" can only highlight hate and differences. We are the enemy within that can destroy us through our intolerence. Nobody is privy to the only good ideas, but we must improve where we are going and that cannot happen as long as we insist in letting our leaders lead us by the nose. We will continue in the same boat together, let's make the ride more comfortable for all of us.

Even though we are extremely fortunate to live in a country that allows us the freedom to express our opinions, sometimes that same freedom backfires. Some of our elected officials seem to take that freedom quite literally, and have stopped being civil to anyone that disagrees with anything they say. We are all Americans, and the hateful divisions between political parties has to stop.

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