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President Obama will be going to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago's 2016 Olympics bid


The Chicago Sun-Times has learned that President Obama will be in Copenhagen on Friday to help bolster Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympic summer games. The final presentation to the International Olympic Committee and vote is this Friday.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama and head of the White House Office on Olympic, Paralympic and Youth Sport land in Copenhagen on Wednesday.

The president departs Washington on the evening of Thursday, October 1 and arrives in Copenhagen on the morning of October 2 local time, just prior to Chicago's presentation to the voting members of the IOC. He will arrive back in Washington on Friday afternoon.

Said Jarrett, "in the spirit of the Games, President Obama wants to make sure that we give this our very best effort in the home stretch. He is delighted to be able to join the First Lady in the final presentation and answer questions from the IOC selection committee."


Seems to me Obama has plenty of urgent issues on his plate, and should remember where his office is located. With daily murders in Chicago, the mayor, police, National Guard should be dealing with this out of control situation. Lets PASS on the 2016 Olympics this time.

Thank you , Mr. president. The other host city is bringing kings and queen's. We in The USA, have our president....go OBAMA.

Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

Iran prepares to attack Isreal, and Obama goes to beg favors for political cronies from Chicago.

This is crazy..

Surprise...Celebrity with no job to do

Big mistake. The city's bid isn't on the track to be the winner, and putting himself on the line personally will only make this look like a political defeat when the IOC goes with the Brazilian bid. The last thing he needs right now is another story where one of his pet projects gets hung up by a bunch of people who SHOULD be sympathetic to his interests, but act independently.

Add in the fact that the city is looking like an absolute hell hole just about now (how many high school kids were killed in Madrid last year, do you think?), and this is not a good time for Obama to be out there pitching Chicago.

As a life-long Chicagoan, a parent, former teacher & school counselor, I am absolutely disgusted by this gesture and by Oprah and Obama's participation and support of this ridiculous & short sighted idea. What better evidence is there that Daley, Oprah & Obama are out of touch with Chicagoans & the rest of this country? Why isn't Oprah closing down a street to protest the violence that is a daily part of the lives of many Chicagoans--parents & children alike? Why aren't they engaging us to protest our growing indifference to the violence & those affected by it & our ineptness at managing it? Kids are dying every day but the 2016 Olympics is where they're focusing their energy & influence. Perhaps they'll hold a memorial for the victims at the opening ceremonies.


What a surprise!!! I could have told you from day one that he was going.....this was all a big show again. A good excuse for Michelle to go without questions as to why??? Will people ever wake up to this FAKE?? Now if we do get the Olympics he can get all the credit....Oh My God...

President Obama should concern himself with corruption in Cook County first. I sent a letter to the IOC concerning the corruption in the Cook County Courts base on my own observations and experience. The Cook County Probate Court allowed and condoned perjured evidence to be entered into the court record in an estate case concerning my mother-in-law, a disabled 97 year old ward. The bottom line is the estate has been looted of almost a half million dollars by crooked lawyers, G.A.L. and judge. This is disturbing enough! I presented this evidence in the form of documentation, court records, audio recordings, etc. over the past two years to about every local, state and federal agency mandated by law to enforce the law. My replies were form letters stating that their particular agency had no authority to proceed. Never once did anyone even contact me for a statement!

Now, you may ask yourself how this corruption may affect the Olympics? What if an athlete, staff member or agency of the IOC should have a legal problem in Cook County? Not only would they be confronted by a corrupt court system reputed to be “ an ongoing criminal activity”, the IOC would be involved with law enforcement bodies who may not enforce the law.

I would suggest that any person concerned with above problems go to the IOC website and comment directly to the IOC in Europe. The problem that I have experienced is not unique since others have instituted legal proceeding in the Federal Court system concerning the ongoing corruption. Japan and Spain have a fine reputation of honesty and integrity in their courts and I would suggest that the IOC perhaps give credence to locating the Olympics in either country.

who's paying for this trip? Mayor Daleys pals

It's a done deal. Chicago, get prepared for the Olympics in 2016!

This is great news for Chicago and the United States.

For Chicago, this will be a repeat of the Columbian Exposition, which was a pivotal point in the development of the city. If Chicago hadn't hosted that World's Fair, it may have been little more than a blip on the map today.

For the United States, bringing the Olympics to Chicago is essential for rebuilding our image and relationships with the rest of the world. Chicago represents American culture and American values as much as any other city.

During the Olympics, Chicagoans will reach out and build bridges with people from around the world.

A few very vocal people have such blind hatred for Mayor Daley that they would destroy the entire city if they could smite Daley, too. Let's not pass on this opportunity to contribute to the well-being of Chicago, the United States, and to world peace because Mayor Daley could potentially benefit, as well.

I am so sick of the hoopla over the 2016 games. Chicago doesn't have the budget or infrastructure to support this. Furthermore, with all the robberies, rapes and shootings/killings in this city why on earth would we want to bring all these people to Chicago and we don't even have enough police officers to provide for the current population? INSANITY!

Gee, BIG Surprise...Captain waffle strikes again. Flipflop,flipflop,flipflop

Hope his appearance seals the deal! In fact, if the Olympic Committee votes for Chicago, I will begin saving my pennies, because I would love to go!

I honestly cannot believe that Obama is wasting so much time & money (hotel & travel & entourage expenses) that the American people do NOT have on promoting the Olympics in Chicago which is in the red.

Surely there are more important things he can be worrying about, like how to direct even more money into the 5 or 6 major construction firms making billions tearing up our roads. Or how he can help more of our manufacturing jobs going offshore.

Hey, when we are all forced to stand in the bread lines like good little sheep... maybe we can kiss his feet for a crust of bread.

Who is paying for this? This does not seem to be a presidential reponsibility.

i was thinkin' maybe he'd stop through iraq and afghanistan inasmuch as he's so keen on the latter. perhaps he and oprah and skip gates could parachute in on the troops and have a conversation...kinda clear things up, huh? val can just keep ridin' back to d.c.....screw somethin' up there.
guess the list grows; deputy to asst. at city hall; parc grove; linc pk zoo; cta; habitat; museum of science and indus; gates brew; u of chi; gosh....

Just like I thought things, will never change he didnt listen to the 47per cent who were opposed to it. The rich will get richer and he will get his money to run for relection. Its sad I honestly thought he was going to be different .

I think Rio would be the best city to host the games.

You are all pathetic. You don't see the benefit that having the Olympics in the Chicago will be for the city.

You will get MORE funds to fix your city! There will be more attention paid to FIX the problems to get it in readiness for the Olympics.

Furthermore, your city and the state in general will get MORE income from visitors and tourists.

You're all a bunch of idiotic whiny pathetic cry babies!

My god, grow up!

Wow too many people who are not able to think clearly or long term!

Moreover, I have no idea how any of you keep your own jobs if you are so inept as to not be able to focus on more than one thing at a time in your own jobs.

Keep it in perspective, he is gone for 1 WHOLE day! It's not like he's devoting months to this endeavor.

Moreover, this will be good for your city in the long run!

It's clear that too many people want to find something to complain about. This is a NONSTORY, and the fact that you have this many people complaining about the expense and lack of attention by President Obama in your local problems is just too ridiculous.

I'm concerned that Americans are becoming way too STUPID!

I wonder if NOBAMA will be taking the ACORN All Stars with him? You know, the the thugs who were beating the kid to death in Obozo's old congressional district.

Perhaps Obozo and his "look at me, I'm special" wife should focus their energies on crime in Chicago, instead of grandstanding in Copenhagen.

More cronyism. As others have so clearly stated, with all the worthwhile issues Obama should be addressing, he & michelle & company take another taxpayer funded vacation, this time to Denmark.
I wonder whose pockets in Chicago & Illinois would be getting filled the most? Plenty of payola to go around for slimy illinois & Daley pals.

Come on boobama - you should be focusing on Iran and their clearly demonstrated threats .... just think of all the global warming (a hoax if ever there was one) .... Oh, I mean "climate change" ... think of all the climate change from Iran's missile launches and uranium development, let alone from another war, if it gets to that point .... which it very well may if you don't STAND UP TO AHMADINEJAD - NO to Iranian Nukes!!

Daley and his would be celebrity staff actually think that they are more important than the world issues at hand. I believe when one is in their own little world, that the world evolves around them. Too bad. I also cannot believe that Obama is playing kowtow to these idiots.I guess he is in an awkward situation.

Mr President, We Do Support You,don't waist time with crazies, let them spew their hate, they have too much of it that they can keep it for themselves, so they need to take it out somewhere, and of course the president is the easy target, too bad we can't help them !!!!!! Go Chicago 2016, GO President OBAMA.WE ARE WITH YOU!!!!

Oh what better way for the mayor to “Let Friendship Shine” than by cast disparaging remarks about the competition on a world stage. What an utterly charming promotion of the theme.

It definitely will help improve Chicago if they held the Olympics. People that are against Obama will find anything to complain about. Stop crying and let the man do his job. I would love to see any of you try to do his job. YOU CANT!!!! You wouldnt like if someone came to your job and told you what to do. EVERYBODY PLEASE RELAX!!! IF YOU WANT CHANGE, MAKE IT HAPPEN. DONT JUST SIT THERE AND LET SOMEONE ELSE DO IT.

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