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Obamas watch Malia play soccer; Michelle walks Bo the dog


The White House Saturday pool report by Mark Benjamin/Salon...

The president and the first lady attended daughter Malia's soccer game
on Saturday.

The presidential motorcade departed the White House at 11:07 a.m. This
was an unofficial trip, so the president traveled in an SUV and even
stopped at red lights.

The motorcade traveled to a school located in Northwest Washington.
The president got out of the motorcade, wearing jeans, a black jacket
and a White Sox cap, along with Reggie Love. He strode over to the
sideline of a soccer field located next to the school. The first lady
was already there. The Obama's also had their dog with them, though it
was unclear if Bo was already there or arrived with the president.

It was difficult to see the game from the press van.

The sky was gray and overcast, with an occasional brief drizzle.

The president watched the second half of the game. At 12:09 p.m. the
motorcade departed back to the White House. The first lady, wearing a
green sweater and slacks, got out of the motorcade and walked her dog,
Bo, on the White House lawn.

Bo peed.


where was val? isn't she a permanent fixture?

I am glad the president got himself a dog. Dogs add a lot of happiness to peoples lives and I have noticed in Brooklyn were I am from more and more people are getting dogs. I wonder if a dog would make a better symbol for America than the bald eagle. I don’t think I have ever seen a bald eagle in person and I know I have never seen one make my friends happy.


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