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Obama White House posting school speech Monday; parents can read for themselves


The Obama White House, stung by the uproar over a back to school speech by President Obama--some conservatives are asserting, incorrectly, that Obama wants to spread socialist propaganda to the nations's kids--is releasing it Monday, a day early, so parents can read it for themselves. The speech will be 11 a.m. Chicago time on Tuesday live on C-SPAN and at

The speech has been planned since last July. I write about the inside story behind the speech here.


Shame on any American that refuses to allow their child to hear a motivation speech from the Commander and Chief of our great nation.

My question is what are the parents afraid of .... they allow their children to read, hear and see more immoral and mindless media daily via television,internet and popular music without raising any objections. Yet, they scream in fear for what a man who is a Harvard graduate and father of two will say to their children.

I remember when my teachers assigned my classmates and myself the viewing and listening of a presidential addresses as homework. Now parents are refusing to have the President speak to their children. What has changed?

As an educator, I often ask people to come to my school on Career Day to speak to students to motivate them to understand how important education is in achieving life's goals. Now a wonderful role model for our youth; a president that began his life from humble beginings to achieve his dreams in becoming the President of the United States has prepared a message of hope for America's children. But, America's parents seek to censure the message.

Again, I ask what are the parents afraid of ... that their children may be inspired, that they may feel that they can achieve or that they will begin to understand the need for education for their future success.

Parents, please remove your bigoted and right wing political blinders for a moment and allow your children to view/listen to our President. I am sure that something of value will be gained by the children from the experience. After all the speech will be given by our President, not by Hitler, Jack the Ripper or Charles Manson.

This content of Obama's speech to our children, emphasis on "our" children, appears not to be a problem. However, American parents do not know the content of Obama's speech. Rather odd this speech is not already released. My presumption is release of this speech is delayed so the White House can "clean up" whatever previous content which might be found to be objectionable. Delaying release of the Obama speech is suspicious.

Emphasis is to be placed upon "our" children. We Americans, on an individual basis, are to decide what is best for our children. This is not for Obama to decide.

True problem here is Obama elected to wrap his speech with political propaganda through the unlawful "lesson plan" developed to be used in conjunction with his speech. Emphasis here is on "unlawful" and Obama's lesson plan is just that, unlawful. This is made clear within U.S. Code Title 20, Chapter 48, Section 3403. Obama's willful violation of our federal laws does strongly suggest malice on his part.

Evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Obama is this sudden change in the wording of his unlawful lesson plan. This changing of wording acknowledges Obama recognizes he was skating on thin legal ice and acknowledges Obama is aware he attempted to violate our federal level laws.

While his speech talking points might be of good intent, and we do not know because of initial refusal to release a transcript of his original speech, while good intent might be displayed in his speech, Obama wrapping his speech with an unlawful lesson plan designed to create "Dear Leader" thinking amongst our children is entry level political indoctrination. This is highly wrongful.

There is no viable argument against Obama initially not attempting to introduce partisan politics into his speech through his unlawful lesson plan. This unlawful attempt is clear through independently verifiable documentation originating from the Department of Education and the White House; documents are out for all to read and witness.

This evidence available to all Americans directly points to Obama attempting entry level political indoctrination. This violates every founding principle of our nation.

American parents are justifiably concerned and justifiably angry. Our American children are not Obama's to manipulate and to indoctrinate, and this is precisely what Obama originally intended.

Obama's intent to indoctrinate our children, his intent to violate our national laws, this is of grave concern.

Ours is America, not a two-bit Banana Republic.

Okpulot Taha
Choctaw Nation
Puma Politics

I need only to say one thing about any Presidents which give school speeches it ok, BUT......

Never do I remember a President that attached any kind of self glorification as a required learning plan to be with a speech...

I seen the so called ORIGINAL questions and 4 of them as thus...

1. Why I admire the President
2. why his ideas are good.
3. how I can help the President.
4. something about why we listen to elected officials.
*** let us list them all.....

not sure of the 4th one but the first 3 are how any other dictator put such a mind set of question on kids in other countries.

Even so, why are the questions not "why I do" or "why I do not" admire President Obama would be more fitting.

That is a questions looking for an opinion, his their is only one direction for answers to glorify Obama.

Anyway Obama is the first to do that I know of.

Maybe Obama did not make the questions himself, but his czars did, Maybe his education czars glorify Obama but I DO NOT because his track records so far is nothing to glorify about.

and last thing, if his just gives a speech, so what. It the point that the questions can ONLY agree and ONLY glorify anything he speeches about leaving NO room for WHY NOT to agree!

Mike in GA: I'm not sure about his first question either (Why I admire the President?) unless it's meant to be the "Office of the Presidency" (I remember a time when every child's wish was to be President or an astronaut). But the second question, "Why is his ideas good?" would probably be towards his ideas in his speech such as 'stay in school', 'set educational goals', 'stay away from drugs and gangs', etc. The 3rd question, "How can I help the President" would address how a student is going to address his concern for students and how they can 'help' with these goals (ie: stay in school, away from drugs, set educational goals, etc.).

As for Okpulot Taha, take your hateful, conspiracy filled blinders off. If you're old enough to remember, I'm sure you didn't have a problem with Reagan and Bush 1 doing the very same thing.

ok everyone needs to shut up completely. absolutely NOBODY outside the white house knows what this speech will contain. so stop worrying about it. it has become way too big a deal. any school system that refuses to broadcast it should not make the decision until they read it on monday. so everyone thats complaining about this get a life.

You cannot argue that he is not a marxist. You can argue if it is right or wrong. I do not want a Marxist speeking to my children.

When I first heard about President Obama's speech to welcome children back to school, I was sure it had not ever been done before. Imagine my surprise when I saw 3 former "white" presidents doing exactly that. Guess what, all of these concerned parents suddenly look and sound about as uneducated as one can get. But this will make for good history one day, as my children and grandchildren will look back and see how the times were in this era, just like I am now able to look back and see the civil rights struggles that my elders use to tell me about as a child. I am glad my parents did not tell us not to listen to the past presidents of our time. We were taught that our head is to be used for more than a hat rack and that God gave us a brain. Perhaps these parents don't think their children have sense enough to determine right from wrong and if that is the reason, then it is no wonder that we are one of the dumbest nations in the world when it comes to education.

Wow o much fuss over a speech..the right is upset because Bush would not dare to this, after all it's about education. As for label of socialist...most kids that grew up in Russia's socialist government are better educated that the thier american counterpart.
Okpulot Taha are one paranoid dude.Obama's i under your bed

I think the outrage over the speech is silly but lets be honest, if a year ago George Bush tried to do the exact same thing, there would be an equal if not louder outrage. Politics, like religion, is something we like to teach to our kids ourselves--or at least have them be taught by people we agree with.

Wow, just based on the fact that the last guy couldn't write, I would assume his opinion is that of an idiot. Way to go bud, you basically made conservatives look like a bunch of retards. Oh well, I guess if you people think Obama is a dictator and a czar, then I can only feel sorry for the fact that you live your life in utter fear. The democrats are coming to get you, the democrats are coming to get you!!! Look out for the socialists, the communists, the dictators. The country is doomed!!!

I'll tell you what is dooming the country, it's these crazy people who are anti Obama, which basically is saying you are anti American for the span of his term. I think it's time for everybody to get on the same page, because if we keep separating each other with all of this nonsense, eventually we will just get taken over by China, cause their catchin' up quick and they want what we want!!! That last part was kind of a joke...kind of.

How many 'concerned' parents have ever read the text books that their children are being taught from? How many have checked in with the teacher to see how or what they are teaching? They pretend to be concerned about the message from the President and they don't have me fooled. It's simply a veiled attempt to further the cause of the right wingers. I am consistly befuddled by the 'concerned' people of this country when they whine about this administration. I wonder where they were when the previous administration lied to us again and again and again. They lied to us all, seniors, adults, and our children. This latest whinefest is simply selective 'concern' and it's much ado about nothing. President Obama is working to improve the communication between Washington and the people. He is trying to inspire the next generation of voters to care about our political system. He is trying to take away the 'mystic' of government and make it what is has always supposed to have been a government of the people.

I just find it troubling that after the speech the children were going to be asked to write letters to themselves on how they can support the President.

Supporting the president means what? Supporting his agende, without any regard for the political preferences of the childrens parents?

If this was a "stay in school speech" it would be one thing. But what does writting letters to yourself about how you can support the president have to do with staying in school or getting good grades?

Bottom line. I don't want my child to hear a "motivational" speech from a man who in his own words sees children as a "punishment" for making a "mistake". It is odd that the speech is not already released.

This is brainwashing our children and grandchildren. This is school not bootcamp for obama to get ahold of the children. Prayer has been taken out of schools, so where does the govt. think they can push this in? The govt. has again gone toooo far!

It is a simple as this. Parents have a right and a responsibility to monitor what their children see and hear. (Just as they do with parental controls on television) Remember that the group that we are talking about are preschool to 6th grade. This is an easily influenced group. I will look at the speech that will be released on Monday before I make a final decision. Good parenting that has little or nothing to do with politics.

I am 53, witnessed many presidents. Some I thought were better then others but I never ever seen such ridicule, making fun of, hatred for a president who just took office. At least Bush was allowed a few years to mess up. I have never been ashamed of Americans before now. This guy took over a disgusting mess. He has made himself available and he goes to work everyday. I think I would give him a couple years before I believed he stunk. This latest thing about school is a new low for the left, which started with talk radio. If he gets hurt the left and the limbaughs will have blood on their hands. Wow and they are worried about a president telling kids to stay in school etc. Naw its just anything to bring him down. They can't stand it when they are not in power. Oh my goodness and I used to vote republican. Keep this crap up and you will never get power again. We are not all ignorant of the swift boat going on.

Reagan used his address to the nation's school children to pitch his taxcuts. Bush the first used his to campaign for president. But what everyone has to complain about are "stay in school." If you think Bush & Reagan's addresses did not also come with learning plans from someone, you're fooling yourself. I am no fan of President Obama, but this hyperbolic backlash is ridiculous, especially given the fact that the same people so outraged now were absolutely silent during or aggressively for President Bush's tenure.

Until this election I was very apolitical; I voted most elections, Republican cause that's how I was raised.

However, this time, though I may not understand the issues really well, how my countrymen view some of the issues is beyond me. Apparently, that same group of people that were having a cow about Michelle's shorts at Grand Canyon is now taking that same energy and wasting it on the speech to the kids bruhaha. People, spend that time discussing history with your kids when they get home from school. Presidents have been hanging with kids for years, usually in an individual classroom.

If you don't like it, go get involved and do something about it. If it is that important to you, your kids will get the picture.

It is a shame that the President of our country cannot speak to the nation's children w/o being attacked with lies and uproar that is completely fabricated - suddenly Obama's speech is a problem when so many other presidents have done it? Is it wrong then, if people think its about racial politics and not genuine concerns? why suddenly are conservatives concerned about public school students, when they want to take away their very right to free education? hypocracy and filth knows no bounds, right? why stop anywhere, if you have an equally insane audience to rile up - rabble rousing at its worst! and we call ourselves a civilized nation of equal rights and endless opporutnities! shame on us.

It is a shame that the President of our country cannot speak to the nation's children w/o being attacked with lies and uproar that is completely fabricated - suddenly Obama's speech is a problem when so many other presidents have done it? Is it wrong then, if people think its about racial politics and not genuine concerns? why suddenly are conservatives concerned about public school students, when they want to take away their very right to free education? hypocracy and filth knows no bounds, right? why stop anywhere, if you have an equally insane audience to rile up - rabble rousing at its worst! and we call ourselves a civilized nation of equal rights and endless opporutnities! shame on us.

This has gotten completely ridiculous. Who doesn't remember President Bush's blank expression when he was informed about the terrorist attacks on 9/11...what was he doing? Oh yes, reading to school children. Where was the utter outrage then?

The worst part about it is that the media is feeding this frenzy by only covering the lunatic fringe. A 3000 person rally for healthcare reform in Seattle yesterday was virtually ignored, yet give to crackpots a sign with a swastika on it and they make the evening news on national outlets.

Apathy is just as poisonous as hatred at this moment. If those of us who are sick to death of this lunacy just stand here wringing our hands, we will lose everything we fought for through the next election.

If my district refuses to air the address (I won't know until tomorrow) I will be picking my kids up at noon so that they can watch it from home. People are worried about parents keeping their kids home to avoid the address? What if all the parents who think this is nonsense do the same so that they CAN watch it? I tend to believe that most schools would be nearly empty. But, if apathy rules, lunacy wins.

When you are reffering to elementary school kids they are young and may not have the mindset to know if the speech is indoctrination or not. So to the person that said that we have "dumb kids" thats a ridiculous statement. Gee hello thats where the role of a "Parent" comes in! Guess what we as parents have the right to decide what we think is best for our children! Get a clue!

I never thought I’d see the day when parents would demand a President of the United States be barred from addressing their children. Because our current President is of another party (and, in some cases, because he is of African descent), he is now being treated as, immoral, villainous, toxic and alien. It will surely not be lost on African-Americans that a new precedent is being set for our first African-American President. Speaking as a Democrat, I have never in my life dreamed of treating any Republican President like a drug pusher or sex offender simply for offering to speak to schoolchildren. It is the height of impudence that any President’s remarks be “screened” by parent-ideologues of the other party, by tendentious teachers or school administrators. That any teacher, principal, school board, municipality or state should take part in this outrage is nothing less than a scandal. I rarely use this term, but there is no other term for it: is un-American.

I am afraid! Not of our president, but of the current mindset of the American people. We have become a nation of paranoid, whining, victims, and poor losers. If you are sending your children to public schools, you are sending them to government schools. Every day, without question, you present your children to be taught other people's perspectives on history, science, literature, etc. Do you receive daily lesson plans from these teachers? Do you review the reading material? Do you understand that school standards are determined by governing bodies? Do you know who these people are and what their agendas are? Is your concern really governmental endoctrination? Or are you just a poor sport who can't accept that the other team won? We are one nation, one people. Historically, when threatened, we have pulled together to overcome enemies and obstacles. Now, we behave more like spoiled children. By all means, express your opinion, hold government accountable. After all, we are Americans. However, behave appropriately, speak intelligently - without prejudice and spite - and teach your children to be responsible members of society. Use your voice and your vote. Expose your children to ideas that differ from yours, then discuss them. Tell them why you believe what you believe. We must learn to work together within the system that we have. Once elected, our president respresents us all, not simply his own party. The most important job in our nation, the face we present to the rest of the world, should be respected, whether "your guy" won or not. He/she is not merely an individual, but a symbol of our country.

What they meant by the whole "What can I do to help the president." was simply in regards to the speech and getting kids involved in their education... not How may I serve the great leader and bow to his every whim... *sigh* All the questions were with regard to this particular speech and his message in it... but of course find any excuse you can to try and scare people...

Tell your kids (elementary and junior High) not to use drugs but Obama has a confessed drug user in the "The Pledge" Video. Watch this parents before you approve.

We decided not to let our kids see this speech tomorrow. As I understand most of the schools are giving the parents a choice on this matter. Our descion was based on the fact that we feel it is the parents responsibility to encourage kids to stay in school and not the President's or any other person. We don't agree with everything Obama is doing, but we didn't agree with everything Bush did either. Hopefully what Obama is doing will have a more positive effect sometime soon. We teach our kids to be supportive of whoever is in government and that they have a right to disagree with anything they see as unfair.

At least one comment incuded a little bit of evidence, but reading the law, it is easy to see the comment is exagerating it beyond the extreme. I would have to agree with another comment, these people are writing comments based on fear. Are they afraid of a black president or are they afraid of a Democrate? Or are they trying to control what children hear and trying to control what they think?

I find these comments ironic, kind of an oxymoran. These people claim to be conservitive. But in what sense? What they are doing is attempting to control thoughts and ideas. Is this a new definetion of being conservitive? They accuse the president of spreading socialist ideas, while they are the ones attempting to control the media and minds of the country. They claim to be deeply religious. Don't they know what it meant when Jesus gave His followers the power to tread upon scorpions and serpents? Those scorpions and serpents represent people which spread lies. Of course Jesus also said these people will never understand the parables. Becuase they do not understand, they do not want anyone else to hear. So they do what they are best at, spreading fear, the one emotion they can understand.





Sec. 3403. Relationship with States


(a) Rights of local governments and educational institutions

It is the intention of the Congress in the establishment of the

Department to protect the rights of State and local governments and

public and private educational institutions in the areas of

educational policies and administration of programs and to

strengthen and improve the control of such governments and

institutions over their own educational programs and policies. The

establishment of the Department of Education shall not increase the

authority of the Federal Government over education or diminish the

responsibility for education which is reserved to the States and

the local school systems and other instrumentalities of the States.

(b) Curriculum, administration, and personnel; library resources

No provision of a program administered by the Secretary or by any

other officer of the Department shall be construed to authorize the

Secretary or any such officer to exercise any direction,

supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of

instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational

institution, school, or school system, over any accrediting agency

or association, or over the selection or content of library

resources, textbooks, or other instructional materials by any

educational institution or school system, except to the extent

authorized by law.

(c) Funding under pre-existing programs

The Secretary shall not, during the period within eight months

after May 4, 1980, take any action to withhold, suspend, or

terminate funds under any program transferred by this chapter by

reason of the failure of any State to comply with any applicable

law requiring the administration of such a program through a single

organizational unit.


(Pub. L. 96-88, title I, Sec. 103, Oct. 17, 1979, 93 Stat. 670.)

Send the kids or don’t send them…either way, they will find out what was said…with the media and people talking, it will get out…

I like obama alot..

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