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Obama Sunday media blitz; Letterman on Monday


WASHINGTON--The Obama White House marketing and sales department is aiming to own all the Sunday message platforms. What's not on President Obama's official Friday schedule today is that he is sitting down with hosts of five Sunday talk shows today in the White House in order to flood the zone on what he wants to talk about--presumably health care at the top of his list. I am guessing the hosts will have lots of questions about the public insurance option.

But the hosts are free to ask what they want--just as I was at the last presidential news conference--so there will be other ground to plow--the upcoming G20 conference next week, the war in Afghanistan--or anything else.

Obama will do interviews on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Univision. Fox News is being snubbed. Obama does the David Letterman show on Monday--where at present he is the only scheduled guest.


Why dont they just move the white house to a tv stsation. He spents more time on tv then any other president.

Being snubbed by President Obama today, should have made Rupert Murdoch's day. However, it is unlikely that as a result, he will change anything on his rightwing propaganda machine.

Take it easy on Rupert, you libs still have ALL the other networks.

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