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Obama on NBC's "Meet the Press" not giving up on the White Sox for the World Series

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President Obama covered a lot of serious topics on his five Sunday show interview marathon. Over at NBC's "Meet the Press," host David Gregory ended his interview with a question about the South Sider president's team, the White Sox.

The exchange....

DAVID GREGORY: On a lighter note, before I let you go, Mr. President, you were
brazen this summer at the All Star game wearing your Chicago White Sox
jacket out there to throw out the first pitch. Hate to break it to
you, but doesn't look so good for your White Sox here. So I want to know who is
your pick to win the World Series?

You know-- I am-- I think mathematically, the White Sox can still get in the

DAVID GREGORY: They can, mathematically. You're an optimist.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: So-- until they are eliminated, I will make no predictions.

DAVID GREGORY: Oh, come on.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I've got say, though, that the-- the Cardinals have been-- been
coming on strong. And Pujols is unbelievable.


PRESIDENT OBAMA: But-- this is tough to say. The Yankees are also doing pretty
well. (LAUGHTER) And a shout out to Derek Jeter for breaking Lou Gehrig's
record. He's-- he's a classic.

DAVID GREGORY: Absolutely. He is. Absolutely. Mr. President, thank you.


1 Comment

Did you see his first pitch at the All Star Game? Not to be chauvinistic, our Commander in Chief throws like a girl.

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