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Obama on five Sunday shows and no blockbuster story. Scolds "rude" dudes


WASHINGTON--President Obama, on five Sunday shows:

*Is undecided on increasing troop levels in Afghanistan
*Insisted there are no tax boosts in his health care propsals though there is debate over this.
*Downplayed assertions, one from former President Jimmy Carter, that racism is at the core of criticism of him.
*Declined to say whether he would sign a bill stripping ACORN, the controversial community organizing group, of federal funding.
*Scolded television bookers for making stars out of people who engage in "rude" behavior rather than civil discourse. My story on this here.

Find my full report on Obama's interviews here. Obama appeared on CBS's "Face the Nation," NBC's "Meet the Press," ABC's "This Week," CNN's "State of the Union" and Univision's "Al Punto." Fox News was not included. Obama tapes the David Lettman show on Monday.


It's amazing how Chris Wallace of Fox News, and the whole Fox News crew acted like they were so surprised President Obama granted a Sunday morning interview with every major Sunday talk show except Fox News. With major Fox News affiliates calling the President a racist, and making statements like, "The President just don't like White people" (Glenn Beck), I would have been shocked if the President would have granted an interview to anyone at Fox News.

Credibility of our leadership in Washington is being devalued along with the dollar, as evidenced by the run up of gold, foreign currencies and commodities by foreign investors. Talk is cheap, unfortunatley the dollar is following it in what it will buy.

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