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Mayor Daley said Obama just phoned him

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CHICAGO--Mayor Daley interrupted his own press conference on post-Sept. 11 security
improvements this morning to take a call from President Obama, heightening
speculation that the president has decided to travel to Copenhagen next
month to close the sale of the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid.

While speaking before reporters at the Chicago Hilton, Daley said he needed
to cut short a news conference to take a call. When he returned, he
acknowledged it was from the president.

He wouldn't say what it was about. But he did say it's up to the White House
to make the announcement.

Obama has been widely expected to make the trip, but the White House and the
mayor have been coy about the decision for weeks.
On Thursday, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said a trip to
Copenhagen, where the International Olympic Committee will pick a winner for
the 2016 Summer Games on Oct. 2, was not currently on Obama's schedule.
The president's presence is considered crucial because the heads of state
‹ or royal families ­ of the other finalists are expected to be there.
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was widely credited with putting
London's bid for 2012 Olympics over the goal line.


1 Comment downtime. here we have a guy who can't get back-up from allies for troops in afghanistan and'll get a freak show for the south side of chicago...a show with tickets his former constituents could never afford...a show which closes health clinics, hospitals and housing for low-med income americans. 'change', not soon enough...'hope' he continues the tent show, 'yes we can' so much better next time.

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