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Laura Bush, Newt Gingrich OK with Obama back-to-school speech

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Former First Lady Laura Bush and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich--both Republicans, as you know, in Tuesday morning interviews said they had no problem with President Obama's back-to-school report. Read my story on this here.

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Who was the nitwit that told the child potato is spelled with an e at the end of the word?

Republican Vice-President Dan Quayle!!

I guess Vice-President Dan Quayle is who these opposing parents and right-wingers want their children to emulate.

No wonder America is falling behind in education to all other countries when it come to Math & Science!

How could you not want a Harvard graduate who was at the top of their class not speak about education to America's children?

This reminds me of America's early history on the marginalization of instituting rules stating it was against the law to give education to some of her people, but not to others.

Guess what America, THE BLACK PRESIDENT AND HIS LOVELY BLACK WIFE STILL GOT EDUCATED and there are many more who look like THEM, who have attained an education as well!!

Get over yourselves and learn to be more inclusive instead of ignorant.

All the president want is for our children to do is study hard. Are some afraid the message might get through to these children and they are sitting in the front row of a classroom and not in the back playing around? And one day maybe one of them will become president as well?

So many silly people in America.

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