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HHS Sec. Sebelius on impact of Obama health care plans.


Over at, Patricia Murphy took reader questions about the impact of the Obama health care proposals to Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

From Murphy's report: The top questions included how illegal immigrants will be treated under health care reform (she says they won't be covered); how Medicare can remain solvent if a new health plan launches, and whether taxes and insurance premiums will go up with so many new health care commitments to be paid for.


I don't see why these questions continue to be clouded by the opposition. I think Obama did a good job clarifying many of the controversies in his speech:

The President did not go into specifics. That was exactly what he needed to do. Speaking in platitudes and generalities does not assuage the fears of the seniors and others that might be adversely affected by a BAD Health Care reform bill. I am assuming that Ben09 is a paid operative. No objective person could have came away with the conclusion that this person did.

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