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ACORN Senate Vote: Durbin, Burris wanted federal funds to continue for group


WASHINGTON--The debate over ACORN continues on cable shows, after the Monday Senate vote to ban federal money to fund programs run by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). The Senate vote was overwhelming--83 yes, 7 no and 9 not voting. Illinois Democrats Dick Durbin and Roland Burris both voted no.

Critics of Barack Obama during the presidential campaign tried to attack Obama by attacking ACORN, a community organizing group over how they handled voter registration and Census work. The Senate action came after ACORN got caught up in an undercover video sting--where ACORN employees were seen offering advice to folks posing as a prostitute and a pimp.

The actual legislation:
Amendment Number: S.Amdt. 2355 to H.R. 3288 (Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010)
Statement of Purpose: Prohibiting use of funds to fund the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).


There needs to be some clarification. Is HUD funding being blocked for ACORN organizing or ACORN Housing counseling? Also, why can't someone call for the resignation for ALL ACORN/ACORN HOUSING national management staff? ACORN Housing has an EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NATIONAL FIELD DIRECTOR, DIRECTOR OF HOUSING COUNSELING, DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF HOUSING COUNSELING, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER, DIRECTOR OF HOUSING DEVELOPMENT AND COMPTROLLER! ALL of these people along with Bertha Lewis and EVERY single high ranking manager and regional and head organizer of ACORN should RESIGN NOW!!!! These so called leaders are the same people that knew about Wade Radfe and his brother embezellment and did NOTHING! How manhy of them got paid off by Rafke? This is the greatest hustle of all time!

Also, why does ACORN Housing allow illegals to use fake socials to get home loans? The people come in with ITIN numbers, social security numbers they either steal themselves or buy on the black market and this is approved by ACORN HOUSING! I wouldn't be surprised if ACORN/ACORN HOUSING have illegals working for them-even as managers! They take monthly dues from poor people pretending to be on their side, then they don't even pay their own employees right or at all. This sham needs to be stopped!


How embarrassing that my Senator voted for this corrupt organization to keep federal taxpayer money! I am not happy about his vote and sent him an email stating my disgust for his vote to continue to allow a fraudulent and corrupt organization to receive fed. funds. Furthermore, Burris is my rep. as well and he is corrupt just like ACORN and needs to leave public service. The only reason he wanted the position was to receive retirement money for the rest of his life. This massive corruption has to stop people. Stop voting for these corrupt people!

Why didnt you report the underage girls illegally entering the country to be exploited as sex slaves. Nor did you report the ACORN official who admitted murdering her husband on camera and how she got away with it....WOW

This is not news. It is old stuff that the media has been protecting. Any idiot can see that.

You people are something else Acorn has helped a lot of people esp now for you to turn on them just shows how ignorant and racist this country is wheres your outrage at people being thrown out of there homes? wheres your outrage at the crooks and thieves that run the bank America is lost

why r u ignoring the craziest part of the acorn story? video doesnt lie. and there is a lot of shady stuff on those video's. not sure what to make of it all, but COULD SOMEONE REPORT ON THIS PLEASE???? what a joke. i would rather hear more about this story than what the 1st lady n valerie jarrett think about the 2016 games. bottom line, every time i hear about acorn they r doing something illegal, its not the actions of a few, as they're excuse says. its a major problem for a group slated to get a nice chunk of "stimulus" money over the next 10 years.

These two can't see beyond their own interests. I guess they are loyal to to the corrupt organization ACORN. They don't a rat's ass about the U.S. or its citizens! They need to be voted out the next round! I agree, this is not news. The main stream media is still holding back on this story. When did it break? Almost a week ago? Pathetic...

Good thing senators are finally paying attention to

They should have paid attention when ACORN began complaining about subprime loans back in 2001.

It's stunning that the radical right's racist attacks on ACORN have this much support in our Senate. It's embarrassing and disgraceful, but perfectly predictable, that it's worked with the GOP. For Democrats to put the politics of sleaze and hate ahead of housing for the poor is inexcusable. ACORN does NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL but get power into the hands of those who others neglect, register people to vote whom the right doesn't want voting...the poor, homeless, minorities...and God forbid help homeless people get housing.
I think the vicious attacks on ACORN are represented perfectly by the comments here from 'Citizen4Truth' who thinks that ONLY so-called "citizens" of the good old USA deserve to live, deserve to have a roof over their heads which I believe we all learned about 2nd grade is a neccessity for life. To think that we shouldn't help people get housing unless they have the right colored card, meet our hateful and opressive immigration laws which everyone but the furthest right conservative KNOWS desperately need reforming, is just lacking basic humanity.
I'll answer your question, "citizen." "Also, why does ACORN Housing allow illegals to use fake socials to get home loans?"

As the kids say these days...duh!

ACORN does more for those in need than practically any group in this nation, and that they are so hated by the right SOLELY because they're very effective in registering people to vote whom the policies of the right treat like dirt is beyond obvious. The Senators need to stop responding to right wing hate radio and start responding to human need in this nation. FULLY FUND ACORN!!

And for our Senators, the people of the US elected a Democratic majority for a reason. When are you going to start acting like Democrats?

Daddo, your are right they do help get people who didn't vote before to vote now. Just ask Mickey Mouse!!

Didn't they sign him up for voting????

Sorry, ACORN should not be a so called "Charitable Organization" since they violate every rule both legally and morally!!!

Remove ACORN, Burris and DURBIN!!!

Durbin as you stated, your townhall meetings were invite only. Guess what, so is representing IL and YOUR INVITE HAS BEEN REMOVED!!!

Take notice to who voted for acorn....they must go

ACORN has helped bleed the Treasury dry for years. I am quite sure that the organization did help some people. The question is: How much more could an honest, non-political, and fully transparent organization have done. When D.C. releases the money, it is like chum in the water for unscrupulous sharks. NO politically affiliated organization should ever receive our tax money.

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