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White House health care video with Linda Douglass rebuts Drudge headline


Just out Tuesday morning, a rebuttal video by the White House, featuring Linda Douglass, spokesman for the Obama health overhaul initiative who puts out fire lit by Drudge.

This via Politico's Mike Allen:

"Hi. I'm Linda Douglass. I'm the communications director for the White House Office of Health Reform, and one of my jobs is to keep track of all the DISINFORMATION that's out there about health-insurance reform. And there are a LOT of very deceiving headlines out there right now, such as this one -- take a look at this one.

This one says, 'Uncovered Video: Obama Explains How His Health Care Plan Will Eliminate PRIVATE Insurance.' Well, nothing can be farther from the truth. You know the people who always try to SCARE people whenever you try to bring them health-insurance reform are at it again. And they're taking sentences and phrases out of context, and they're cobbling them together to leave a VERY false impression. The truth is that the president has been talking to the American people a LOT about health-insurance reform and what is at stake for them.


Linda, Linda,
One minute you're spouting the evil of using edited sound bites and not even waiting until the next minute you're employing your own. Just tell us, to which Barack Obama should we listen and believe? The candidate who promised no new taxes, total transparency in government, "I am not a socialist?" Or President Obama whose financial policies will raise everyone's taxes, is above providing online access to his bills as promised not to mention denying us even a peek at almost $400,000.00 in a Air Force One flyover photos until berated to do so, and has led to the government takeover of banks, GM, and now healthcare? The man and his Congress are spending more money than at anytime by anyone in history and no one is even reading the bills! How can you sit there and demean those who are constitutionally bound to ask, "What the heck is going on in D.C.?" If past performance is any indication of future endeavors, the Cash for Clunkers program along with V.A. Hospitals should tell us all quite nicely how a government run healthcare program would be both financially secure and medically proficient

Did he not say that eventually a single payer program would be the ultimate goal?

Weak response. Dancing aroung lies, and lying at the same time is very difficult. By the way, when are you going back to being an unbiased journalist for Obama's networks?

What a joker!

Page 16 of the new "Obamacare"!!!! Read it Linda!!!! Better yet go here and read about the whole health care bill!!

Where are all the comments on this White House propaganda piece? They must be getting censored because if you actually READ THE BILL that is being proposed and you ACTUALLY LISTEN TO WHAT OBAMA HAS SAID in the past, you would realize you are being lied to in order to pass a plan that may allow you to keep your current plan or doctor TEMPORARILY - until the leftists can fully implement the single payer plan, which Obama said would take 15 or 20 years to fully implement. People... do your research. Don't take this BS at face value. Our country is at stake.

Come on now, don't be ridiculous; everyone has seen the tapes of when Obama said that he wants to go to the single-payer system. We won't allow you guys to destroy our system by demonizing
insurance companies and imposing 'socialized medicine'! A large majority of Americans love their insurance and health care and we won't anything to happen to it. So go ahead and speak in platitudes and destroy your credibility as all liberals are presently doing for Obama. But this is America and we believe in freedom and liberty. You guys work for us we don't bow to you! God Bless America! Love and Peace


not Pilowsky either. Let's just keep going till
we get it right and we the people are satisfied
no more lies, no more crap. how about a
sucession. which state is first.
it's time to take back our country folks and stop
letting Washington get away with murder, they
are responsible for all this mess beyond Viet Nam.

...You can keep your present employer health care for now!...but not after the Obama administration gets done regulating the industry and all the employers drop their current plans because of cost!

This is just away for the Obama administration to "sell" people the plan. We know his motives that's been made clear!

Unbelievable. Why doesn't Douglass get the original recordings of the alleged "out of context" phrases and put them into context? The clips she uses simply show how Obama has lied (ok, let's use the PC "misled") at worst, or at best has changed his mind between campaign mode and elected mode. So much for the transparent administration.

Linda: Are you on drugs? Obama/Pelosi will not let individuals keep their own, or buy their favorite, health insurance. Won't. Page 16. It's eliminated. No freedom. Linda: are you serious, defending Obama's lies? The only folks who'll benefit are those in Congress, and those whose last names are Obama. Ouch. It hurts to realize what these monsters are doing.

So who's lying? Obama and Linda Douglass are.

Who is in charge of our government? The Republican's sock puppet just left the White House, now we have the leftist Democrat's ventriloquist's dummy. There has been a lot of damage control of late. Maybe someone should tell the grand eloquent one that he is not that eloquent or unique. His politics and beliefs were tailored by the left a long time ago to serve their purposes. Your government doesn't work for you, you work for it. How's change working for you?

Linda, YOUR lies, trying to cover for the President, and the lies of President Obama are offensive to my senses and I'll bet there are thousands of other AMERICAN's who feel the same way! We are not ignorant of what Obama is trying to do to AMERICA, and I for one hate that he is trying to "socialize" this country! He said his office actions were going to be transparent, they are not. He said he would not work with lobbyists and he does.
I am incensed that Congress Kow-Tow's to Pelosi, Reid, and Obama's plans when they are supposed to be upholding their constituents wishes.

I fear their ultra Liberal ways are going to kill this great country. We have so many wonderful people in this country with good plans to make America a prosperous country again. I pray Americans investigate and vote them into office.

I think President Obama should take his plan for "Change you can believe in" to some backwards country that might appreciate it. His plans are no good for our Christian/Judeo America. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

I think the strategy here is if you keep lying over and over, people will eventually think it is NOT a lie. I mean what upstanding person, not to mention the president, would lie over and over about MUST be true.

Are you kidding me? This administration gets more pathetic and desperate everyday! Come on 2010 elections!

Can the author of this article explain why she left out the part of the White House post that asks Americans to REPORT those who disagree with this bill to the White House?

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!! If you really think that the American people want their health controlled by the government--you are VERY WRONG. This will take away our personal freedoms. You the Democrats are lying about this health care and we the American people are smart enough to see through your lying. We have been fighting for all our history to KEEP OUR FREEDOM. I think it is really sad when you have to fight the president and the congress to keep our FREEDOMS. If you think the silent majority are not upset about this, then you are very very wrong. I PRAY TO GOD THAT WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!!

It's laughable that she declares the sound bites "out of context" ... and then neglects to, SHOW THE CORRECT CONTEXT.

Such right-wing whining and lies!
Yes, the right is lying more about health care than Sarah Palin lied about the Bridge to Nowhere.
Were it not for lies, the right would have little to say these days.
However, let them continue to defend a system that has prices out of control and makes money by putting bean counters between you and your doctor.
So many people have taken in by insurance companies and the addicts and felons of right-wing radio it truly is sad.

Linda Douglass, I just saw you on Fox News with Mewagan Kelly.

You are as good at dodging questions as the non-resident president.

YOU are a disgrace. Your "non-answers" were answers that came across loud and clear.

YOU are a disgrace. Take your blue Walmart scarf and go play in the traffic.

And, moron, for ther record, Sarah Palin did NOT lie when she called the healthcare issue a bridge to knowhere. Tell Marxist Osama to scrap the current healthcare bill, and his plan B, and his confirmed recconcilliation plan and shove it where the sun don't shine.

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