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Sen. Specter faces tough crowd in Pennsylvania health town hall



Lynn thank you for covering this. The blatant use of GOP think tanks to flood town halls with pawns reading cue cards telling people to disrupt town halls with hate makes me sad to be apart of this country. It's so disheartening to see how stupid people are in this nation half of whom can't name their congressmen or congresswomen, can't name any of the branches of government, can't spot Iraq on a map etc, but all of a sudden are constitutional scholars and are flipping out about health care. It makes you want to pull your hair out. You're always on point and I look forward to hearing your take on future issues. (And on this one and is it will of course go on for weeks, months, and most likely years to come)

Brian Mitchell:
Your CONVOLUTED Left-Wing RANT above, is one more example of Lefty TURNSPEAK.
What DO YOU,Brian Mitchell,call the SEIU & ACORN Thugs who are "Turned Out" ,TO DOMINATE& CONTROL By THUGGERY and FAVORED ADMITTANCE (ie. "Stacked" Halls) Democratic Congressional Town Halls.
Oh,and Brian Mitchell,
What are the PAID (don't YOU Dare claim the "Craig's List" Job Listings "don't Exist") Advocate/Thugs?
Just "spontaneous" Grass-Roots ?
Brought in Buses, Wearing SEIU Shirts, Professionally Printed Signs, and Scripted & Rehearsed Questions/Statements,all "Enhanced" by Spontaneous(LMAO)Bull-Horn Wielding ORGANIZERS Leading the Chanting of Slogans?

Outstanding. Because the busing in of ACORN and SEIU workers is some how not using pawns and reading cue cards or telling people to disrupt town halls with hate speech?

Labeling people as racist if they do not care for or agree with Obama's policies?

Pushing, hitting and the ripping of close by UNION workers, whose group by the way stands to gain hundreds-of-millions of dollars annually should Obama's Government Run Health Care pass because they have hundreds-of-thousands of medical personell onthe SEIU books.

Come one,, ACORN, SEIU with their professional signs, their T-Shirts, the pre-written rants?

Obama is all for Community Organizes until that community organizing is NOT in his favor.

I am not sure you are on point with this one, rather repeating the mindless dribble that MSNBC vomits. are their ratings, piss poor comes to mind but thay of course is being nice.

There is no reason why preferential treatment of minorities should be in the bill, not to mention using tax payers dollars in then tens-of-billions for this blatant discrimination.

There is no reason tax payers should pay for ELECTIVE abortions, which BTW count for 99% of all abortions. This is NOT a necessary medical procedure for 99%, therefore this make it an elective procedure to which they should pay for , not tax payers. FYI...I am not debating the legality of abortions, I am debating the current law that forbids tax payers dollars to beused for abortions, which should apply to the new bill.

There is no reason we should be penalized 2.5% of our annual gross salary in taxes if we do not have "acceptable" health care. The wording does not say Individuals who "DO NOT" have health care, it says "ACCEPTABLE". Now, the government will decide what is acceptable and if he plan I CHOSE is not accpetable to them, then I am taxed 2.5%-therefore, by this issue alone they are taking away my option to choose what I decide is best for me and penalizing me for not choosing what THEY think is best for me.

Nanny State ring any bells? The government knows what is best for me?

Illegal Alies-Shelia Jackson Lee in all of hir ignorance specifically told us here in Houston last night that there is NO WORDING in the current bill that does NOT allow illegal aliens to have access to tax payer funded health care-nice!

12 million + illegals, to which most do not even pay into the system and some pay little will clog the system even more making actual LEGAL citizens wait in line or possibly be denied care because younger illegal aliens are in line for the same treatment. Not to mention the burdern that puts on us tax payers.

I have ZERO issues with reform, but I have HUGE issues with government control-there is a huge difference!

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