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Ted Kennedy in Chicago: Photo Gallery

Photos: Ted Kennedy in Chicago

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy speaks to a Chicago crowd in May 1972.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy at the Conrad Hilton March 9, 1980 with Mayor Jane Byrne and Joan Kennedy.

During his bid for the presidency in 1980, Kennedy rides the L and chats with Beverly White on the way to the Jefferson Park CTA terminal. White told reporters she would vote for Kennedy. "I couldn't believe my eyes," she said. "I think he's the right one."

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy at La Hacienda Restaurant March 27, 1987. He sang in Spanish and gave Harold Washington's candidacy for Chicago Mayor a strong endorsement before the Hispanic audience declaring, "One good term deserves another."

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The Kennedy's were symbols of success for the Irish in America. There was a picture of JFK in most Irish American homes, and in many homes in Ireland.

JFK stopped immigration from Ireland to the US thinking it would be good for Ireland, not knowing his life would be cut short to overturn the short term decision that has prevented the Irish coming back to a country they helped build, since.

Every time a LOT airplane flies over my house or I hear other languages spoken and written in shopping aisles, I feel disgusted that my people have to jump through extraordinary hoops to come here, while others jump the border, get public aid, pay cash for everything, avoiding banks, paper trails, and yet live the high life because they don't pay taxes. When is our government going to make them accountable?

My parents came here legally, became citizens, and paid taxes, grateful to be here. Now that the last Kennedy icon has gone, what President, Senator, or government official will bring the Irish back to America?

gosh mary margaret, when's the last time you been to boston? in fact when's the last time you read anything on the topic? country are ranked. the irish have one of the easiest immigrations out there. gosh, why roll out your lack of knowledge, before your friends and the public like that.
by the way, the irish coming here are the 'skilled'...carpenters, etc. what that doing for folk back on the sod? for a 2nd generation irish to relate to ireland irish is like me, black from chicago, relating to the folk in ghana or kenya or somewhere.

Jeffery, I don't like your racist innuendo of what you think, feel or know about Black people in America and Africa.

Therefore, before you pick on someone, regardless of their ethnicity, make sure your deficiency to be knowledgeable or more succinct your obtuse ignorance which precedes your racism by a millisecond allow you to THINK before rending such an uninteresting comment the next time.

And don't try to state it was humor. Your feeble attempt only displays your racist attitude clearly!

douglas. no humor intended.perhaps you could do some reading as well.

Why is this Doug having a melt-down in cyber-space. It's true immigration for irish nationals is relaxed more than lots of other nations. It's also true that nationals from other republics have little in common with 2nd generation americans. Sounds like an informed re-anger reaction for the boyo.

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